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Why would there be a pause after you turn the ignition before the car starts?


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2005-02-14 22:00:34
2005-02-14 22:00:34

Just because the starter has been replaced, it still shouldn't be ruled out. I have had several occasions that a remanufactured starter failed. Typically Autozone or Advance auto parts stores carry these POS. Having said that, I would be looking for a bad connection or maybe an ignition switch. Some vehicles have a large heavy relay to drive the starter motor, if this is old, dirty or damaged it may be sluggish to operate Some new vehicles have a ignition switch that sends a signal to the ECM and the ecm tells a relay when to turn over the engine. These have a delayed effect. Brake pedals will be incorporated this way also, eliminated the hydrolic brake systems completely.


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Cycle the ignition on/off/on/off/on and count the flashes of the check engine light. A pattern of two flashes, pause, two flashes would be a code 22.

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