Why would there be hot water coming from the tub faucet but not from the shower head?

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The mixing valve is messed up...It's easier to fix than figure out.
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Why would brown-colored water come from one of your tub faucets when you first turn it on?

%DETAILS%. Answer . It's rust sediment from where the water has been shutoff. More information is needed such as does it come from the hot side, or cold side? If it's the hot side, it could be your anode rod on your water heater. If it's the cold side, it's rust, and the pipe would have to be re ( Full Answer )

Why would the shower water only get really hot when the cold water is turned on in the tub?

%REPLIES%. Answer . Because someone has connected the hot water line to the cold service. They are reversed.. Answer . I'm not a plumber, so I don't know if the first answer is correct or not. However, our landlord replaced our shower fixture with one that could be adjusted so that it preve ( Full Answer )

Why would the hot water side of the bath tub faucet cause the water line to vibrate when turned partially on?

Answer . If you have the old style seats and washers type shower valve, the water is trying to squeeze between the seat and the washer. If it was air, it would whistle. Water hammers. Usually high pressure contributes to this effect. The only way to solve this problem is to replace your shower valv ( Full Answer )

Why would there be no hot water coming from your shower?

Answer . There could be a lot of reasons. Hot water entry point clogged, hot water heater out, Hot water line broke or not hooked up. If this problem has only happened since the shower has been replaced or serviced, the chances are that there is a hot water safety that just needs to be adjusted. ( Full Answer )

What would be the cause of no flow of hot water to the shower via the head and faucet when cold water flows to the faucet?

Answer It could be a blocked pipe or a damaged valve. Do you get hot water in other areas of the house? If not, check the valve on the water heater. If other parts of the house get hot water, replace the hot water valve assembly or repair the hot water valve. If you have hot water at the sink, bu ( Full Answer )

What would cause the hot water on a shower faucet to turn on by itself?


Why would you have hot water at all faucets and hardly any hot water in the shower if it's an old house with no water heater?

Answer . First off, you do have something heating your hot water! I would start by checking the restrictor/strainer in the showerhead. unscrew the showerhead from the shower arm and check for debris clogging it. After that I would follow the path back to the water source to see what is causing t ( Full Answer )

Why would hot water be coming out of the hot and cold faucets?

\n. \n HOT WATER PROBLEMS \n. \n. \nYOUR HOT WATER TANK NEEDS TO BE REPLACED\n. \n. \n Answer \n. \nIt could be cross connected, I would turn on any faucet, then go listen at your\nwashing machine and see if you hear water running through the hot and cold valve\nwhere your hoses hook o ( Full Answer )

How can you increase the water pressure coming from the bathtub faucet and shower head?

Answer . You may not be able to.. If the house is brand new, chances are high that the plumbing fixtures were installed with a flow limiting device to reduce water usage. This is typically a small piece of plastic that can be removed from the fixture. Your plumber or contractor could tell you ab ( Full Answer )

How does a tub-shower faucet diverter works?

Answer . When you pull on the handle a flap or little valve blocks the flow of water to the spout, making it run to the shower head. Long story short, since I've spent the entire day at different hardware stores, and websites looking for the answer, and figured it out... before taking the advice ( Full Answer )

Only cold water comes out of shower hot water faucet?

I have just the opposite problem.. I'm only getting very hot water coming out of shower head.. What I've been reading is it's most likely the mixing valve/anti-scalding valve.. As long as you are getting normal water temps and pressures from your sinks then you should either replace or repair the ( Full Answer )

Why does only the hot water in tub faucet flows out in slow trickle but the cold comes out fine?

Is it a central water heater or a local point of use water heater? With the centralized system: . Hot water pipes are more susceptible to corrosion then cold water pipes, the hot water accelerates the build up of rust. If you have galvanized piping, that can be a major source of slow water. . The ( Full Answer )

Why does water come out of the shower head while you are filling the tub from the spout with warm water?

4 BRAND NEW tub and shower combos units installed later.........I FIXED IT! I asked EVERYONE from certified master plumbers, 3 different fixture companies, to the know all, hear all, salesmen. NOTE, I USED 1/2" PEX. I was told the faucet was bad, so I changed it out. I was told the new one had a f ( Full Answer )

How do you get more how hot water out of a delta shower faucet?

By re adjusting the settting as per instructions. If you are not getting sufficient hot water at your shower, it may be that your pipes are restricted because of lime scale that builds up when you have hard water. Short of replacing the pipes, there is not much of a fix for this problem. If you hav ( Full Answer )

Why does Hot water come from a cold water faucet?

Because someone switched the lines or labeling. < 1- Someone installed the piping not bothering to read modern codes requiring water hot and cold to be 6" apart 2- C/W supply to a tank or other heat source does not have the 27" heat trap (loop) to prevent stratification of hot water molecules ( Full Answer )

Why would there suddenly be no water coming out of the faucets?

There is no water, or water pressure reaching the faucet. This could be that your local water service was shut off; either from no payment, or to fix water lines - to, failure of your well (if you are on a well service) or a rupture of your main supply pipe (of such a severalty that you are getting ( Full Answer )

Why does cold water come out of a hot faucet first?

Unless there is a recirculating pump the hot water has to come from the hot water heater. Depending on how far away it is from the faucet, it can take 15 to 30 seconds for the hot water to get there. Since there is nothing in the pipe to keep the water hot, it cools down between uses.

Why won't hot water come out of the shower when it comes out of every other faucet and tub?

The single most likely reason would be buildup of rust or calcium particles in the valves and inlet. Many showers have a one-handle arrangement wherein the handle controls movement of a ball. That ball has two very small inlet holes, roughly 3mm (1/8 inch) diameter each. If your shower has this type ( Full Answer )

Why is there no water coming out of any hot water faucet?

There should be two valves on or near the top of your water heater. One is for the inlet (cold water) into the heater the other is for the outlet (hot water) out of the heater to your house. They must both be open ( turned to the left or counter clockwise).

Why is your hot water in the bath tub not as hot as the rest of the faucets in the house?

This could be a number of things. You should take out the valve cartridge in the tub filler handle. Its very possible that the rubber O-rings are worn out and blocking the amount of hot water exiting the valve. If anything you should check this to make sure mineral deposits haven't gotten clogged in ( Full Answer )

Why is there no water coming out of sink faucet in bathroom but tub faucet works?

The shut off valve under the sink, the faucet itself, or most likely, the screen in the end of the spout is plugged. If neither hot or cold is coming out, it is kind of unlikely both shut off valves and both sides of the faucet would go bad at the same time. The screen being clogged would stop any w ( Full Answer )

What would cause cold water to pass through the hot water supply line behind a single handle moen bath and tub faucet affecting the water temperature?

This is a question that will drive the average DIY person crazy, but when you hear the answer it makes sense.... The single handle style Moens are great faucets, and I use and like them. If your builder used them throughout your home then this is what you do.... find your water heater and visualize ( Full Answer )

How do you increase hot water flow in your tub faucet?

Of course, by turning the hot water faucet to the direction where the flow of hot water increases, with no specific direction depending on the style of the knob or faucet, but normally the hot water faucet is on the left and hot water flow is left , usual case to make water flow increase is towards ( Full Answer )

Can you use a tub and shower faucet for a shower with no tub?

Many tub/shower valves are designed to be used either as a tub only or as a tub-shower combo. You will note that the valves have inlets on the sides for the hot & cold water supply, and outlets top and bottom for directing water either to the tub or diverted to the shower head. By plugging the botto ( Full Answer )