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Why would there be hot water in the tanks of the toilets in a recently purchased house?


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Someone hooked up the hot water supply to the toilet instead of the cold water supply- or your water heater is back drawing hot water through to the toilet from a cold water inlet (supply)


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Homes are residential and take less of a pounding compared to the constant use of commercial toilets in office buildings. Commercial toilets are built way stronger and usually have to be sized according to handicap rules in the city where they are installed. They also take a 1" water supply compared to a 1/2" supply for a house toilet.

if you have water to the rest of the house and its the toilets only then either someone has turned off the valves under the toilets or the fill valves have both failed at the same time. [not very likely!!] cant be much of anything else.

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because their stupid, they should always insulate their house first

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