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You probably have a blown head gasket, thus letting the water from the radiator get into the oil. In the worst case, you could have a damaged cylinder head gasket or a cracked block. That would cause oil to be found in your coolant as well as water in your oil. More commonly, a bad pcv valve or rocker arm cover gasket is to blame. What kind of car is it. On some cars it is very common and is not a problem at all.

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Q: Why would there be moisture or a white film that looks like moisture on the dipstick when you check the oil?
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Where should you check if water or moisture is in your Jeep Cherokee engine?

Check the oil dipstick. if it is milky white that is evidence of water or moisture. also remove the oil fill cap from the valve cover and look for moisture

What causes a white substance to appear on an oil dipstick when engine is cold then when engine has warmed up the oil looks normal?

when the engine cools moisture in the oil condensates in the oil dipstick tube. Some times changing the PVC valve will solve this. Unless it is severe then dont worry about it

Where does the coolant leak to with a blown head gasket?

Either a combustion chamber, an oil vein, or both. Check for white smoke out the tail pipe for a combustion chamber leak and if the oil on the dipstick looks like chocolate milk it's contaminated with coolant.

How do you tell if your head is blown on your 1992 sundance?

look for any mixing of coolant/water with your engine oil...on dipstick (looks like chocolate milk or frothy white), check your coolant reservoir for oil contamination...these are typical signs of a blown head gasket

How can you tell if you have water in your oil?

If you want to know if there is water in your oil you can tell by pulling the oil dipstick and if the oil is white then there is water in your oil. oil with water in it turns white... it looks foamy and almost the consistancy of a milkshake.

Where is the transmission dipstick located on a 1992 Mitsubishi Mirage?

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How can you tell if there is water in my engine oil?

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