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A yeast infection located higher in the vagina, closer to the cervix, where the pap smear was taken from. Consult your ob/gyn physician and test results from the pap smear.

2006-08-17 01:46:01
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Q: Why would you be getting a bad discharge ever since you had a pap smear?
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Would obtaining a PAP smear be a surgical or medical asepsis?

Obtaining a pap smear uses medical asepsis. There is no break in skin when getting a pap smear.

How often does a women have a pap smear when the uterus have been remove?

Since cells from the cervix are what is taken during a pap smear, you would still need to have one if only the uterus was removed, since your cervix would still be there.

Can your water break while getting a pap smear done?

Sure, it's possible for your water to break during a pap smear. There is nothing about the pap smear process that would cause your water to break.

What would be observed in the blood smear of patient who has malaria?

You take a thick smear of blood to visualize the malaria parasite. You immerse the thick smear in water to remove the haemoglobin. Then stain the smear to see the malaria parasite.

What would be the result of overheating the bacterial smear?

your sample can destroy the bacteria and it will appear shapeless or enlarged when you overheat the bacterial smear

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Would the doctor know if you were pregnant during a pap smear?

A pap smear can't detect pregnancy. A pregnancy test is required for that purpose.

If you have a Pap smear can a doctor see if you have a tampon inside you?

If you have a tampon in your vagina, your health care provider would have noticed it during your pap smear.

What is Vaginal discharge after the first week after childbirth?

During the first week after childbirth (or around 5 days) one would experience "lochia rubra" a bright red discharge, since it contains blood, obviously. That will pass and turn to lochia serosa, a brownish discharge, and eventually will end up to lochia alba, a whitish discharge.

Should you wear something if you have discharge before you first period?

If you are not actually getting any blood, just discharge, you could wear a panty liner that would prevent anything getting onto your clothes but if you are expecting your period that day or around you can always use a sanitary towel to be safe

Would a doctor request a pap smear if less then an a month pregnant?

A pap smear is a normal part of prenatal care. It poses no harm to the pregnancy.

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What is a discharge?

A secretion of bodily fluids, since you put this in the pregnancy category, I assume you mean from the vagina. So it would be a secretion of fluids from the vagina.

Why would a child smear his feces?

Because he/she is just a child, as precious as they are.

Can a doctor tell if you are pregnant from a pap smear?

No. A pap smear only detects cervical cell changes. You would need to do a pregnancy test to tell if you are pregnant.

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Does it hurt when you get a pap smear done?

It generally will not hurt to get a Pap smear. The doctor does have to use a speculum to open the vaginal canal, which can cause a bit of pressure. Then, a small brush or cotton tipped stick will be rubbed on the cervix. This should not hurt; it could be slightly uncomfortable though because they are rubbing with enough pressure to remove some cells from the surface of the cervix. Most women would not call getting a pap smear a painful experience.

What would happen if after the pap smear the cervix was to get infected?

infected instruments use case pep semear infectuion

Discharge after ovulation?

That would be your period.

Do you discharge when pregnant?

If it is white, clumpy, cottage cheese like discharge then you have a yeast infection that's the only reason you would discharge when pregnant.

Can i put wax paper in a printer?

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What is the test for cervical cancer commonly called?

It would be known as a pep smear.

Can you eat vaginal discharge?

Why would you want to eat vaginal discharge. What if it is some kind of infection?

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