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Left over blood from your period, hormonal imbalance, pregnancy etc


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Q: Why would you have brown spotting a week after your menstrual cycle?
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Would light brown spotting on day 17 of your menstrual cycle be implantation bleeding?

Yes more than likely, you have nothing to worry about.

What is causing your menstrual cycle to be brown?

Menstrual cycle refers to your reproductive cycle, I think you mean menstruation or your period. Menstrual flow can be brown when your period is light, the blood takes time to leave the body so turns brown just like any other blood would as it gets old, and it mixes with discharge.

What would cause menstrual bleeding for a 42yr old women in between periods?

If the bleeding is between periods then obviously it can't be menstrual bleeding - menstruation is your period. If you're seeing mid-cycle spotting the most likely cause is hormonal imbalance causing mid-cycle spotting with hormonal shifts around ovulation. This may be the onset of early menopause.

Why would you have a light brownish discharge with some cramping 4 days after your menstrual cycle?

Could be you are spotting. Especially if on birth control and missed a couple of days.

When is the mid-cycle of a menstrual period?

Menstrual period refers to menstruation or your period, which is the start of your menstrual cycle. If you're referring to mid-cycle then midway through the menstrual cycle is typically when a woman would ovulate.

Why would you have a menstrual cycle of bleeding lightly the first day and bleeding heavily the next day and spotting for two full weeks after that?

that's normal.. don't worry about it.

Can you conceive first day after menstrual cycle?

Menstrual cycle refers to your entire reproductive cycle, so you would always conceive during your menstrual cycle. If you're asking if you can conceive the first day after menstruation then the answer is yes, there may be an egg present that early in your menstrual cycle.

How long does the menstrual cycle last if fertilization does not take place?

The menstrual cycle typically lasts 28 days - but everyone's cycle is different. If fertilization does take place then there is no menstrual cycle, this would continue into pregnancy.

What is fertile in menstrual cycle?

The term fertile means when you are able to get pregnant. During a typical menstrual cycle of 28 days a woman would likely be fertile between days 7-16 of the menstrual cycle.

Which days during the menstrual cycle does menstruation menses occur?

Menstruation occurs at the start of the menstrual cycle and normally lasts around a week, so menstruation would occur days 1-7 of the menstrual cycle.

Can four B12 injection make your menstrual cycle late?

Four B12 shots usually will not cause your menstrual cycle to be late. Your cycle can be late if your body is low in vitamin B12. You should talk with your doctor and ask him why your menstrual cycle would be late

Which days of the menstrual cycle is not safe?

If by "not safe" do you mean most vulnerable to get pregnant, then that would during the ovulatory phase of your menstrual cycle. But any day of your menstrual cycle or any other day is "not safe" if you don't use proper protection.

What would cause brown spotting 3 weeks after your period?

Pregnancy can cause this spotting or irregular periods or a UTI.

Can a female conceive 2days after her menstrual cycle?

The menstrual cycle is the reproductive cycle, this is when a female would conceive - I think you mean two days after her period. Yes, a female can conceive two days after her period if her cycle is short.

How can you stop your menstrual cycle from starting?

To stop your menstrual cycle from starting, you can consider getting on birth control. It would also be a wise idea to maybe consider an IUD.

Does Prozac mess with your menstrual cycle?

No. This would be considered highly unusual.

What could brown spotting be on the 7th and 8th this month if my last period started on the 19th last month and occur every 31 days and I have no infections?

Some women have spotting during ovulation, if your cycle is very regular the timing would be correct for this to be the cause. See your doctor or midwife if the spotting continues.

What would cause brown spotting?

Your period..............maybe or skid marks

Can having more than one sex partner cause a woman's menstrual cycle to be off?

No, having multiple sexual partners has no impact on the menstrual cycle at all.The menstrual cycle is the reproductive cycle, it is controlled by hormonal changes within the reproductive organs and so sex does not change the cycle (unless the person falls pregnant). The menstrual cycle can't tell how many sexual partners a person has, nor would there be any reason for the menstrual cycle to change if a person has multiple sexual partners.

If your last menstrual cycle was January 22 when should the next menstrual cycle begin?

It depends sweetie. You have to keep track on a calendar. March 24th I would say. But not sure on that.

Why would menstrual cycle of five days go down to three?

Your menstrual cycle is the entire reproductive cycle including ovulation and menstruation - I think you mean menstruation of five days, not menstrual cycle. Menstruation will vary from one cycle to the next, the explanation is no more complex then that your body is not a machine so it will never have the exact same cycle every single time.

How can you know if you have regular menstrual cycle?

You know that you have a regular menstrual cycle as you would be menstruating on a regular basis. The average cycle is around 28 days - although your cycle may be longer or shorter and a few days variation from your normal cycle is still considered regular.

Do you count brown spotting as a menstrual cycle?

Well, I'm not sure I have an answer either but...I have had brown spotting before my period for a while now...and a day and a half of heavy bleed. I've been trying to conceive for about a year with one misscarriage about a year ago. Now, since then I've tried tracking my cycle by knowing when I ovulate....and I've noticed that if I count from my heavy bleed, I start to get the fertile mucus about 14-16 days after that...not if I count from my, it seems to me you wouldn't count the brownish spotting as your actual period. This is my own experience, but with everything I've studied over the last year, about ovulation and when you have fertile mucus...this would be my answer.ThanksAnswerThat was my experience as well AnswerAgreed, you shouldn't count it. Answerno you don't that spotting you had could be a sign of pregnancy or left over blood if you find out your pregnant you have to give that day you had spotting to your doctor so he knows how many weeks your pregnant ok

Can a menstrual cycle last longer then 28 days?

Yes, a menstrual cycle can last longer than 28 days. The typical menstrual cycle is 28 days but everyone is different, although a normal cycle would still be within around a month long. It's also normal to have up to a weeks variation from your average cycle length.

How long is a woman's ovarian cycle?

= Charting the Menstrual Cycle = There are many things that need to be kept in mind to do this properly. Go to the Related link below (charting your menstrual cycle) For Information that would be helpful in finding out bout this.