Is brown discharge a sign of starting period?

Updated: 12/12/2022
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yes. when u first get ur period it will mostly be just brown discharge. but when u get ur second period it will be real!

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Q: Is brown discharge a sign of starting period?
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Does brown discharge and clotting before your period a sign of cancer?


Why brown discharge happens before the period starts?

its just a sign

What is the meaing of tight stomach and early light period with brown discharge?

The brown discharge could be a sign of pregnancy, or just your period. The only way to know is to get a pregnancy test. Safe sex, kiddos.

What are the colors of your first sign of your period?

Well, at first it can be clear discharge for up to a year. Then, when you get brown discharge you get the real deal after about 4 months.

Is vaginal discharge sign of having period soon?

No, vaginal discharge isn't a sign of having a period soon. Discharge starts as you enter puberty as this is how the vagina keeps itself clean and healthy, menarche (first period) occurs within four years of starting puberty. Discharge changes leading up to your period but until you've had your cycles for a while it is unlikely that you would be able to tell from discharge when your period is due.

Can a small watery discharge then afterwards have some brown spotting a sign of miscarriage in an early pregnancy period week 4?


What does it mean when you have a brown discharge coming from your nose?

Brown nasal discharge can be a sign that there is bleeding in the nose or sinuses. Which are hollow cavities in the nose. A brown nasal discharge is not normal.

You stopped your period a week ago and now you have a brown discharge is this normal?

Yes, this is normal. Your vagina is still "cleaning" itself out. The brown discharge is just old blood. Gross, I know, but it's totally normal. If you have brown discharge for more than a couple of days, I would see a doctor about that. Abnormal discharge can be a sign of an infection or STD.

Ive had brown and clear discharge is that a sign of your period coming?

yes how long have you had it you period will begin in 1-3 months start carrying around pads good luck

Does having discharge means your period is coming?

No, having discharge doesn't mean your period is coming.You start getting discharge as you enter puberty - your first period will start within four years of starting puberty, but just having discharge isn't an indicator of your period coming any time soon. During your menstrual cycles discharge changes due to hormonal changes so you may notice fertile cervical mucus or heavier discharge as a sign your period is on it's way but if you're new to menstruation it may be hard to spot these changes. You may get pink or brown discharge leading up to your period too, this is called spotting, but you may not always see this.

What does it mean for a girl to have brown discharge before her period?

Brown discharge is known as spotting, it's caused when there is light bleeding which mixes with discharge and because the bleeding is so light it takes time to leave the vagina so thus becomes brown in colour. This can be a sign you're starting your period, but it can also happen due to hormonal imbalance while your body readies itself to start ovulating (and in turn start menstruating).

Why do you have brown discharge when you wipe?

The brown discharge is a sign that your next period is coming.