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You could be having a reaction to the shot. You should talk with you doctor to see if this is the best Birth Control method for you. Good luck and God Bless:)

2006-09-01 19:36:56
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Q: Why would you have really bad headaches and feel a little strange while on Depo for 5 months and are just now bleeding lightly for three days and it has happened twice this month?
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Headache possible implantation bleeding?

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Can you have cramps before you have implantation bleeding and always have this bleeding?

Hi! I had very light bleeding in Dec/2003 and it didnt last long(about4-5 dys)...In Nov/2003 I had a regular period(7 days and it was heavy). I found out in Feb/2004 that I was pregnant. The doctor based my due date on my last period(he said Dec/2003,and so did I) But I actually conceived in Nov/2003 because Im 4wks ahead of time for the babys size etc...I don't think all women get implantation bleeding. This is my fourth pregnancy and with my others I never got it. That's why I didnt know about it. Its normal tho,so don't worry... answer Hi! I had Implantation bleeding on the 2nd May and then got my period 2 weeks later which had no cramps which was unusual. Then the next 3 months I've been get regular periods . Its now September and my period was 1 day late which my periods are never 1 day late. Has any1 had a period while pregnant? I don't think I'm pregnant because I'm still having a period but when i sit down my belly gets rounder every time. I did have pregnancy symptoms before I had Implantation bleeding I felt like I had been on too many rides which i had to put a bin next to my bed because I really really sick, tired, headaches. Then in July I felt sick, headaches, weird belly pains, going to the toilet more often, bloated, tired and that. Now its September I am tired, headaches, bloated and tired. Its really really strange I had Implantation bleeding but I got my period so not everyone gets pregnant do they then KAT

You dont know wats going on with your body but you have vaginal bleeding and its been going on for a month you have no cramps or pain at all wats wrong?

Always go see a doctor when you have strange bleedings.

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I'm not sure cause I heard people say you can have a period while pregnant which is getting me scared. I did have Implantation bleeding 2 weeks after that I got my period which was strange it wasn't painful at all. I'm having periods every month but ever since I had Implantation bleeding they have gone in a pattern. I'm only 16 and under 5ft as well. From XxPink PrincessxX