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This is just my 2 cents. There is a pressurized line which goes from your brake booster into the intake manifold on the vehicle. When you step on the brake, i believe it is forcing more air into your intake manifold which could be giving your vehicle more air to start with...

If this is the case, you need a fuel system cleaning or an emissions control service. Get those injectors clean, check your throttle body, clean it all out, and then through that brake booster line you can suck in (when vehicle is running) and additive which will break down the carbon residue in your fuel line. Read up on the products by RUN RITE.

AnswerI'm not sure what that guy is smoking that gave you that first answer but the line he is talking about that runs to the intake manifold is what is called vacume power assist wich has nothing to do with the engine starting, what happens is when the engine is running it pulls a vacume or sucking action through that line with is what makes your brake pedal easier to press, as far as the problem your having, is it that the engine will not even turn over unless your standing on the brake, if it is there is a two sensors on the brake pedal one is for your brake lights and one is a safety switch wich requires the brake pedal to be pressed before the engine will turn over (or start) if you look at your brake pedal up toward the top back hand side it should have a holder and the sensor is threaded these threads could have stripped or the sensor may just need adjusting, but without further information this is were i would start, other than this sensor the brake system has nothing to do with the engine starting AnswerDude this happened to me. There is a brake light switch connected directly to the pedal arm. That switch not only needs to be operating correctly to turn on your brake lights but also to start the car. I have no clue why Ford decided on needing to push the brakes to start the car. If you need to push your break really hard to start your car chances are your brake lights are not working either. Have someone stand behind your car and ask them if your brake lights are working. If they don't work or only turn on when you push with all your life then that little switch is why your car won't start. I went to a junk yard grabbed a new switch and stuck it in my pocket. It was the cheapest repair I ever made on that old cougar Ha Ha!
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Q: Why would you have to step on the foot brake harder and harder for a 1990 Cougar to start?
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