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Why would you keep blowing headlight fuses but dash lights still work?

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I can't answer your question, but usually dashlights and taillights are on the same fuse [circuit], and NOT with the head lights. Answer 1 is correct as, normally, the headlights are on a "dedicated" circuit, with NO other lights or devices sharing. I suspect this is a designed in safety feature due to the potentially critical function of the headlights. Therefore, the fact that the "dash lights" continue to "work" is immaterial to the problem with the headlight. Now, to the more important OTHER part of your question. NOTE that ANY TIME you have a FUSE WHICH CONTINUALLY "BLOWS" upon replacement, INDICATES SOMETHING IS VERY WRONG !!! A fuse is SUPPOSED to blow out anytime there is an OVERLOAD or a SHORT within the circuit which it PROTECTS. See a related question and answer, "What are the origins of the fuse?" This related question and answer contains a comprehensive discussion of what your repeatedly blowing fuse means. The bottom line of your problem is that there is definitely something SERIOUSLY wrong with your headlight circuit, and if not properly analyzed and corrected, could resuslt in a serious nighttime accident, OR serious damage to your vehicle's wiring system, or worst case, a fire. Please read the referenced question and answer, and if you are not capable of finding and correcting the fault in the headlight wiring circuit, then get a PROFESSIONAL AUTOMOTIVE ELECTRICAL TECHNICIAN to fix the problem before it results in serious consequences.

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Why did headlights stop working on 95 Tahoe but all other lights still work fine?

There are individuak fuses for each headlight

If there is a short in your 1995 Chevy caprice classic brake lights it keeps blowing the fuses but you think you found the problem but it still blows fuses what do you do next?

check all brake bulbs a filiment may have shorted out

If all your dash lights are out but you still have parking lights head lights and brake lights could it be the dimmer in the headlight switch?


Your motor blower is good fuses are good still no air is blowing?

Check switch

1993 Cadillac deville brakes lights and turning lights does not work and keep blowing fuses what could it be?

Dead short either in wiring, sockets, or in steering column Remove bulbs and try turn signal switch if fuse still blows probable location in steering column

What would cause the dashboard lights to go out on a 1996 Chevy Corvette and everything else still work if the fuses and the bulbs are ok?

have you tried turning the ouside dial on headlight switch that dims the gages bright or dull had a similar problem with 98 corvette no dash lights or hvac or running lights turned out to be multi function switch (headlights turnsignals)

On a 1994 Buick Roadmaster wagon no dash or tail lights fuse keeps blowing has new switch Now fuses don't blow but still no lights what else could be wrong?

Check your tow bar and trailer brake light wiring. It may be grounded. I had this problem with my 92 roadmaster wagon. Tom.

Why do your headlights parking lights and dash lights not work you have replaced dimmer switch light switch and fuses and still no luck?

could be bad wiring

How do you find fuses for beam lights for mersedes s400?

The owners manual will still which fuse it is amperage and the location.

Why are your tail lights still out even after you change them?

MAke sure that the sensor above the brake pedal is still in good shape,check fuses.

2001f150 5.4 the dash light fuse 5amp keeps blowing you cant find any reason for this How can you locate the true problem or what would be the most rationale issue casuing this?

See answer 1 in "Why does my fuse keep blowing,?" and answer 2 in "Why would you keeep blowing headlight fuses but dash lights still work?" These answers discuss fuses, their purpose, how they work, and the reason(s) that they "blow." The short answer is that you have either an "overload" condition on the circuit in which replacement fuses continue to fail or, a "SHORT CIRCUIT." Your question indicates that you have not been able "to find" the cause, but if there is no "extra" electrical load which has been added [such as sound equipment, for example] to that circuit, then it is almost certain that there is a short circuit fault. The fix is to locate the fault, and correct it [as for example, to replace or reinsulate a wire in which the insulation has "chaffed off" on a grounded sharp, bare metal edge]. Good luck. j3h

I replaced a headlight bulb in the 2002 altima and it still doesn't work?

Check the headlight fuses located in the main fuse box. On a 2002 Nissan Altima the main fuse box is found inside the engine compartment.

Fuses and bulbs fine on your 2002 dodge stratus but still no brake lights advice?

faulty brake light switch (on pedal)

How do you fix the tail lights and dash lights if all other lights are working on a 1992 Mercury Grand Marquis?

Answer- just replaced headlight switch on 1993 merc.grd.marq. took care of no tailights, no dash have a bad ignition switchOR, the wiring behind the headlight switch assembly might be bad, the harness can have warped or cracked and/or the wires may have come loose or otherwise lost their connection. Inspecting the wiring for the headlight switch would be the first step if it only occurs when you want the headlights or parking lights on, and the headlamps work but not the gauge cluster lights nor the tail lights, BUT, the brake lights still work.

Reverse light will not work on 1990 Geo Metro?

check fuses, check bulbs, from there see if there is a grond for your reverse lights that may need cleaning. If still no lights, make sure there is a good wire back to the transmission for your lights. Still no luck, look into the sensor on tranny for your reverse lights. Good luck.

1993 mercury marquis headlight flashing timer switch in any position and it still flashes only the headlights all other lights ok.?

only the headlights are suppose to flash on a headlight flasher

2000 camaro dash lights not working. I replaced the headlight switch and still nothing. But if I jump the switch dash lights come on. So light bulbs do work.?

check the fuse for dash lights

No lights on the rear at all Fuses and relays all goodAll front lights workI was wiring a trailer plug in and touched 2 wires together brake tail.Brake lights and tail lights were time.?

changed brake light switch at pedal and still no brake lights

Your brake lights work when you brake not when you turn lights on?

AnswerThe bulbs for the brake lights are usually separate from the normal tail light bulbs. Check and replace the brake bulbs first, and if they are still not working examine the fuses, switch and wiring.

How do you keep open headlight 88 Corvette?

Turn the headlights on the whole way, then push the headlight knob back in, leaving the parking lights still lit. This will hold the headlights up, without having them turned on.

Do I need to replace the entire instrument cluster on 2001 Monte Carlo SS if gauges still work but the lights do not and all the fuses check okay.?

I had the same problem. It's the headlight switch. It needs to be replaced. You have to remove the dash for that, which is easy. The switch rins from $107.00 on the internet, to about $140.00 at the Chevy dealer.

We have checked all the fuses and bulbs the brake lights still do not work on ford explorer 2003?

Did you check the switch on the brake pedal assembly?

Why does your 99 civic drv side headlight only work on dim you bought new ones and still same problem Are there separate fuses for each headlight Help?

on my 93 civic, there are 5 separate fuses for headlights. left low beam, right low beam, left high beam, right high beam, and daytime runner

How do you change the bulb on the Daytime Running Lights on a 2003 Chevy Silverado?

The whole headlight on these 03 silverado is not that hard to take it out. When you pop the hood open as you look on the headlight there should a long piece of tube metal that is holding the headlight onto your car. As I recall there shouldn't be any screws or bolts holding the headlights. That is for headlights, not "Daytime Running Lights". Still looking for answer!

You just installed a new headlight in your Nissan 300ZX and also checked the fuses but it still will not work What could be the problem?

Check the wires that plug into the light sounds like a bad groung or no power goining to the headlight. If that's not the problem check the dimmer switch.

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