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Why would you lose coolant in the reserve bottle of a 1995 Civic even when radiator hose pipes are in perfect state?


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2005-04-21 07:27:04
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Most commonly this is due to overheating or a blown head gasket. Overheating causes the coolant to expand, and rush into the resevoir, then overflow it. When cool, the coolant that remains will be sucked back into the engine. A blown head gasket can cause the coolant to enter the firing chambers of the engine then be blown out the tailpipe, or the compression can leak into the coolant area and push the coolant out, or allow the coolant to get into the oil pan.


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The overflow bottle may overflow if: 1. The car is overheating - this means after the coolant in the radiator gets heated up and expands it flows to the reserve bottle but the radiator doesn't cool down to suck back the coolant from the overflow bottle, but just keeps on sending coolant to the bottle. 2. You may have put excess coolant in the bottle - hence heated coolant from the radiator didn't get enough space.

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On the coolant bottle.On the coolant bottle.

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Coolant is added to the overflow bottle instead of the radiator. The overflow bottle will allow fluid to fill over into the radiator.

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The pressure cap is on the coolant bottle. The bottle is mounted to the firewall. You add coolant there.

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No, shake bottle of sealant well - pour directly into radiator and run engine for approx 15-20 minutes so it can seal properly in the system.

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