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You have a fuel leak ... probably misting on top of the motor. The fan is picking up the odour. Check it could cause a fire.

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Q: Why would you sometimes smell gas when the AC or heat is on?
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How can you tell if you have bad gas?

The gas comes up and you can smell the horrible smell. But sometimes the fart is silent but it doesn't mean you can't still smell it!!!

You smell gas when you turn on my heat in the car should you be worried?

Yes, any smell of gas is an indication of a leak and should be repaired.

What would be an indicator of a gas leak?

you would smell gas or hear it

Why do Heat vents blow gas smell?

you need a head casket

Why might you smell gas inside a 2000 Chevy Malibu when the heat is turned on?

Is it gas or Freon that you are smelling?

Why would the inside of your car smell of gas?

if you have a gas leak.

Car smells like gas when heat is on?

There are several things that could be going on. The most common thing that would make your car smell like gas when the heater is on would be a bad heater core.

What does a fart smell like?

Passed gas usually has a foul smell, sometimes like rotten eggs. See related questions below for why they smell so bad.

Why you would smell gas when driving a truck?

Because the truck is leaking silly if u smell gas why u driving its leaking

Why would you have a gas smell in your radiator?

because it broke

Why does kittens smell?

If I were a Doctor I would diagnose your kitten with gas.

What did gas chambers smell like?

there was no residual smell from the gas itself and the chambers were cleaned out after every use, but whilst in use there would be a smell of defecation. The strongest smell would be of fresh paint, as they were re-painted very regularily as to look sanitary and like a shower room.

What are gases like?

gases are like colorless and oderless and they sometimes have smell too like CO2 gas

What is a warning for a gas leak?

you would smell it or hear it or you wouldget a biger gas bill then normal

Does it really kill brain cells when you breathe in the smell of gas?

It would depend on the gas you inhale

What does a natural gas leak smell like?

Natural Gas itself is colorless and almost odorless - A chemical odorant (t-butyl mercaptan) is added to the Natural Gas so the leak can be detected quickly. The smell of t-Butyl Mercaptan is distinct, once you smell it you will always know it...sort of a rotten cabbage smell. Sometimes a related Chemical, Thiophane, is used...with a rotten egg smell.

What gas is heat energy?

Heat energy is not a gas.Heat energy is not a gas.Heat energy is not a gas.Heat energy is not a gas.

What would cause a gas smell in a 2006 Honda CR-V?

My engine light was on and I had a gas smell in my 2000 CRV when the pipe from the gas cap to the gas tank rotted out. It was replaced for ~$500 by Aamco.

Would coil pack make a bad smell of gas on a2002windstar van?

A bad coil pack would not smell like gasoline.

What would happen if you farted in a spacesuit?

The Suit Will Smell & You Will Need To Eject You Head Gear To Release the Gas Smell!

What does methane gas smell of?

It is a colorless, ODORLESS, gas. It has no discernible smell.

What smell is added with lpg gas?

LPG does not have any smell that is gas.

Why is it a sign of a chemical reaction if gas is given off?

It is sign of chemical reaction because smell and heat is produced.

What are the indicators that a reaction has occurred?

change of colour,production of heat,smell,sound,taste,effervescence, gas evolved.

Do people expose gas when relaxed?

Yes, and they don't know when they do it. Sometimes the smell is so bad you have to leave the room