Why would you start have problems inserting tampons after using them in the past with no problems?

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May 31, 2006 7:05PM

It can depend on your age. As women grow older the lining of the vaginal area can become thin and dry. Each woman is different re discharge. So, if you only have a light discharge this too could pose a problem. Tampons really aren't the best although seem the most popular. There are so many products put out on the market now that you can choose perhaps "Always with wings." Also try having showers instead of baths. Bubble baths are not good for you and can dry out the vaginal area as can too hot a bath. Women who take too many baths are much more likely to get infections in this area. Take showers instead. It is very important that you see your GP regarding this problem to be assured there is no other medical reason for this problem. after i had my kids they felt wierd. Tilted Uterus- My doctor confirmed this problem for me because I was having problems inserting my tampon and having intercourse.