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It can depend on your age. As women grow older the lining of the vaginal area can become thin and dry. Each woman is different re discharge. So, if you only have a light discharge this too could pose a problem. Tampons really aren't the best although seem the most popular. There are so many products put out on the market now that you can choose perhaps "Always with wings." Also try having showers instead of baths. Bubble baths are not good for you and can dry out the vaginal area as can too hot a bath. Women who take too many baths are much more likely to get infections in this area. Take showers instead. It is very important that you see your GP regarding this problem to be assured there is no other medical reason for this problem. after i had my kids they felt wierd. Tilted Uterus- My doctor confirmed this problem for me because I was having problems inserting my tampon and having intercourse.

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Does a tampon make you a non virgin?

no. inserting and using tampons doesnt make you a non virgin, if you use tampons you are still a virgin....

Does using a tampon hurt?

Using tampons should not hurt you as long as you're relaxed and using tampons correctly.Some reasons why tampon use may cause pain:Not being relaxed enough when inserting or removing tampons.Not inserting the tampon high enough in the vaginal canal.Tampon hitting or expanding into the cervix, adding to cramping.Using too high an absorbency for your flow or when not menstruating.Allergic reaction to tampons which are not hypoallergenic.

What can you start using tampons at?

you can start using tampons at any age just as long as you know how to put one in by yourself and make sure you mother or father know when you are using one and when you have had you period

Why is it painful inserting tampons?

There can be a few reasons for pain during tampon insertion:Not relaxing enough during insertion.Not inserting the tampon high enough in the vagina.Inserting at the wrong angle so pushing into vaginal walls.Using too high an absorbency for your flow.Allergic reaction to the tampons you're using.

Does it hurt to put a tampon on?

It can hurt to insert a tampon, but it shouldn't - pain is not normal when using tampons.It can hurt if you're not relaxed enough when inserting tampons because the vaginal walls clench together when you're tense, thus you'd be pushing against vaginal walls when inserting tampons. If you use too high an absorbency or if you use tampons you're allergic to this can cause pain, as too will using tampons without sufficient flow. You can also experience pain if you don't insert at an angle or if you don't insert the tampon high enough in the vagina.

Why when you insert a tampon does it hurt?

Tampons shouldn't hurt you at all if using correctly and if you're relaxed.Make sure you're inserting far enough into the vagina and inserting at the correct angle, it's also important you're relaxed when inserting. Also always use lowest absorbency for your flow, it's a good idea to opt for hypoallergenic cotton tampons too to rule-out risk of allergic reaction.

What if it hurts when inserting a tampon?

Look, it's probably gonna hurt at least a little no matter what. The tampon is larger than your vagina, when it stretches, it probably will hurt a little; but if it hurts really badly, don't force it

Is it painful to use a tampon for the first time?

No, it shouldn't be painful to use tampons for the first time. Your vagina is the same before using tampons as it is after using tampons, there's nothing that changes to mean tampons would cause pain the first time you use them but then be fine after that. Tampons can hurt if you don't use them correctly: using too high an absorbency, not relaxing enough during insertion, pushing into a vaginal wall rather than through the vaginal canal, or not inserting high enough. Tampons can also hurt if they push into your cervix, they can increase cramps, and rayon tampons contain various ingredients that can cause irritation or allergic reaction.

What causes pain while inserting and removing a tampon?

Most commonly pain when inserting or removing tampons is due to lack of relaxation - if you're tense your vaginal muscles tense causing the vagina to tense-up so inserting anything or pulling anything out is going to be more difficult. If you're using too high an absorbency this may be an issue too, tampons dry-out vaginal tissues causing tearing so if using too high an absorbency or inserting one tampon after another without using pads occasionally is going to increase damage. If using rayon tampons vaginal dryness can be worse, also you may be allergic to ingredients in these tampons.

How do you know when to start using tampons?

you start using tampons when you first get your period Please ignore the above. You don't ever HAVE to start using tampons, but some people find it more convenient or comfortable. You can start using tampons whenevrr you like, but it's best to wait until you have a regular flow, so you know what size to get. Talk to your mom when you want to start using tampons, and always remember, you can't lose your virginity to a tampon.

When is it a good time to start to use tampons?

You should start using tampons as soon as you are comfortable with your period as well as your pads. If you are a swimmer, athlete etc. you should try tampons cause you can go underwater. To use a tampon varies w/ different people.

What angle are you suppose to insert a tampon at?

Angle the tampon towards the small of your back - the angle of your vaginal canal differs in different positions but aiming towards the small of your back will always ensure the tampon is at the correct angle. Feel for any resistance and re-adjust the angle slightly if you have any problems.

What can be the cause of abdominal pain experienced only while a tampon is inserted?

There are a few reasons why tampons may be hurting you:You're not relaxed enough during insertion.You're not inserting the tampon high enough.You're using too high an absorbency for your flow.You're allergic to something in the tampons you're using.The tampon is increasing your cramps.The tampon is expanding into your cervix.If you continue having problems with tampons consider other options:Pads (commercial, organic, or cotton).Period underwear.Interlabial pads.Free flow.Menstrual release.Menstrual sponges.Menstrual cups.Diaphragms.Softcups.

How do you ask your mom if you can start wearing tampons?

You simply say to your mom - 'Mom, can I start using tampons?'If you're in your pre-teens or teens it's important to acknowledge that even if you're responsible enough to use tampons correctly you're still at higher risk of TSS. If you want to use tampons over safe options like pads or menstrual cups then you need to be able to prove to your mom that you are mature enough to use tampons correctly. She may want to talk about this to you, but the first sentence of 'Mom, can I start using tampons?' is a good first step to this conversation.

Why does it suddenly hurt when you use tampons?

It depends on the cricumstance.Most common reasons for pain during tampon use;Lack of relaxationLack of lubricationInserting incorrectlyUsing too high an absorbencyAllergic reaction to tamponsIf you are new to using tampons the chances are that you are not relaxing enough or inserting at the wrong angle - make sure you are fully relaxed and aim the tampon towards the small of the back, feel for resistance so you can guide into place.If you've used tampons before and this is a new problem make sure you are using correct absorbency (always use lightest absorbency for your flow). If you use commercial tampons like Tampax, Playtex or Kotex these contain chemicals you may be allergic to - even if using the same brand as before you may have developed a bad reaction, or they may have changed their ingredients.

What are the chances that a tampon will release the blood flow in the water?

Chances of leaking in the water while wearing a tampon, also using them correctly such as by inserting a fresh tampon before swimming and using correct absorbency, is fairly low but still possible. If worried you may want to consider using a menstrual cup, these are internal like tampons but hold far more than tampons and have light suction so don't leak like tampons.

Why does putting in a tampon hurt at first?

Using tampons shouldn't hurt at all as long as you're relaxed and using tampons correctly.Inserting tampons can hurt if you're using too high an absorbency for your flow as there'll be increased friction and drying, or if using commercial tampons you may be allergic to the ingredients in these type of tampon. If you're tense vaginal muscles tense causing vaginal walls to clench together so you may have to force the tampon against vaginal walls which can hurt, also if angle is incorrect you may be pushing the tampon into the side of the vaginal canal.

When you insert a tampon do you keep the bigger tube on?

No, when inserting the tampon all you're inserting is the tampon itself and not the applicator.Applicators are just a means of inserting the tampon without you making contact with your genitals, they're actually not needed at all. The applicator is not part of the tampon so you remove it once you've used it to insert the tampon. If using tampons you should understand how they work and how to insert.

Does it hurt to use a tampon the first time?

No, tampon use shouldn't hurt you at all - first time, millionth time, at no point should it hurt.Possible reasons for pain when using tampons include:Using too high an absorbency for your flow.Allergic reaction to the brand you're using.Lack of relaxation when you're inserting.Inserting at the wrong angle.Not inserting high enough.Inserting into the cervix.

Will it hurt to start tampons at 10 without doing sports?

Sports has no effect on using tampons or pain when using tampons.Tampons can hurt if not used correctly.If you're not relaxed enough.If using too high an absorbency.If using without heavy enough flow.If your hymen is particularly tough.If allergic to chemicals in tampons.If not aimed in the right direction.If not inserted high enough.Tampons are not recommended to pre-teens or teens - younger women are at far higher risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome and the younger a woman start using commercial tampons the longer she is exposed to dioxin so the higher the long-term risks. Younger women are also often less informed about safer options to make an educated choice, less likely to understand risks, and less likely to follow precautions to reduce risks.It is best for younger women to start with pads, and if they want to use internal options to use safer options like menstrual cups which pose no health risks like tampons do.

Whats the normal age for girls to start using tampons?

probably 2 or 3 years after they started their period. i have never had my period but i wear tampons just cuz i like putting them in.

Pain when inserting tampon not the applicator?

Tampons are dry and absorbent so will cause friction against delicate vaginal mucosa during insertion - especially if using commercial tampons such as Tampax, Playtex, Kotex, etc. as these are made from bleached chemically-treated rayon so rougher and may cause irritation.Absorbency is a factor too, if using too high an absorbency or your flow isn't heavy enough for tampons the lack of lubrication will cause discomfort - too high an absorbency also increases risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome. If using correct absorbency but still feeling discomfort try organic tampons, soft tampons, or sponge tampons, also consider menstrual cups or softcups.

Should you practice inserting a tampon when you are not menstruating?

No, absolutely not.Tampons are dry and absorbent, where as the vagina is moist and delicate - tampons dry-out vaginal tissues causing splitting and ulceration, without menstrual flow this will be far more severe than normal. Using tampons without sufficient flow would significantly increase the risk of TSS as damage to vaginal tissues give TSST-1 toxins a more direct route into your bloodstream. Using tampons without lubrication would also make tampon use very uncomfortable.Only ever use tampons with full flow - never when not menstruating or with light flow.

Why does it hurt when I push my tampon plunger in?

Pushing down on the plunger of the applicator is what pushes the tampon into the vagina.There are many reasons why inserting tampons may hurt including you being too tense when inserting, inserting at the wrong angle, or using too high an absorbency. It would help if you were to use a non-applicator tampon to improve control and feel for resistance to insert the tampon correctly.

Are tampons good for kids?

No, tampons are not good for kids and there's no reason for kids to be using tampons.Tampons are for people who are menstruating, and should be avoided in pre-teens and teens.