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Becuse Some People Think That Way But In My Opinion All That Matters Is Love.

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Well, technically a person born on November 27th would be a Scorpio Sagittarius Cusp but in traditional standard Astrology they would be a Sagittarius.

According to various astrological and zodiac charts, a match between a female Libra and a male Scorpio would be an awkward match. The match between a female Scorpio and a male Libra would result in the same pairing.

it would have to be Scorpio and cancer because they the perfect match.

As per Indian Astrology - No. Pisces is compatible with Scorpio, Cancer, Capricorn and Taurus.

They are not a perfect match, astrologically there is no such thing. But they are an excellent match. The emotional firmness of the Scorpio can give much needed stability to the emotional adaptability of the Pisces, while the spiritual Pisces can elevate the more mundane Scorpio. Their connection can range from fun in bed to deep philosophical discussions in the home. While the Scorpio would likely take the lead in the bed, the Pisces might be the guide in the realms of higher thought. Actually there is perfect matches. Although that doesn't guarantee that a person born under the respective signs will be a perfect match. For example, SOME Virgos can possibly have a perfect match with SOME Taureans.

NO!!! there are to muny differences in this relationship! I personally would't base a relationship on signs of the zodiac, its almost like asking would someone with blonde hair get on with someone with black hair. A relationship works if you both work at it. (Thats my own view).

i would say a Scorpio matters on who she is and the way she acts because the Scorpio can be good to her while she is laid back doing nothing and being catered to look it up its actually on G O O G L E

The single BEST sign to go with a Scorpio would iether be a Libra or Gemini, being as they are also both Air signs, but from my personal experience, most Scorpio go for Taurus (this EXACT opposite) mainly because of pure attraction, it is the ones you find the liest attractive, are in fact, the best match for you :)

The same way you would with a Scorpio man - be yourself.

The same way you would with Scorpio humans.


Scorpio (the 8th zodiac sign) would be: 天蠍宮 (ten katsu kyuu)

Scorpio is a water sign and would have the best connection with a Pisces or Cancer.

That would depend on the individual Scorpio

I think they would be a great match, they look perfect for each other!

I think "poison" would be a good match

Pisces and Scorpio are both water elements (as is Cancer) and therefore would be the most likely match when it comes to compatibility. Both are very intuitive, view life with their emotions first and therefore understand each others approach to life.

They make better friends than lovers.

my mom is a sagi and we dont get alone soo i would say no!

i think a green has to be a little lighter shade then it would match

yes they will. honestly i think that it doesn't matter if you guys are scorpios or not in this situation......if your extremely worrid about it goooooo talk to them!;)

A person born on September 13th, would be a Virgo, not a Scorpio.

just be your self and he or she will like u!

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