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try the pickup coil under the dist. cover.

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What bridge was replaced by the Independence Bridge?

The Belinda Street Bridge was replaced by the Independence Bridge.

Who replaced paul Williams in the temptations?

Richard Street

What direction should you park if you are parked on a two way street?

answer 1) ur driving on the right so u park on side of the road on the right answer 2) You should park on the side of the street that are driving on and in the same direction in which you are driving.

What is the driving distance between east 72nd street and Albany street?

About 5 and 1/2 miles

When was lake street in Minneapolis minnesota built?

The street and bridge originally were completed in 1889. The original bridge was replaced in 1992.

What is the car Frank is driving in Coronation Street?

The New Ford Focus

How old do you have to be to drive an ATV in Texas?

It depends where you are driving if you driving on the street you have to be 16 but if you just drive on the sidewalk or your property then you have to be 12.

What is the Distance from 83rd Street W to JFK?

The driving distance is 18.3 miles.

Can you drive down oxford street London?

Only if you are driving a bus or a taxi.

Are buses for city street driving or highway cruising?

Jiggy jiggy everywhere

Do you get a fine for driving down oxford street?

Oxford Street in London is pedestrianised and only buses, taxis and emergency vehicles are allowed to drive on it.

What is the driving distance from 14731 Pano Lane Houston TX 77070 to the Gulf Coast?

The driving distance from that street address is about 77 miles.

Why was Patricia Arquette replaced in Nightmare on Elm Street 4?

She wasn't replaced, she did not want to return and pursued other opportunities that she felt would advance her career better.

What is the law for which side of the street do you ride your bike on?

you follow the same rule as if you were driving in a car

What is called when you are driving through a flooded street and the car starts to skid of the road?


Can you drive up oxford street in the day?

Only if you're driving a bus or a taxi.

Is m bison from street fighter 3 black?

M. BISON'S NOT IN STREET FIGHTER 3 YOU ZITBRAIN! He practically skipped that game completely and got replaced by Gill.

Who is at fault when backing from a street parking slot you hit a car driving past on the street?

The person backing out of the lot. Cars in the travel lane have right of way.

What is a noun replaced by a pronoun called?

The noun that is replaced by a pronoun is called the pronoun antecedent.Example: When George got to 19th Street, he got off the train. ("George" is the antecedent of the pronoun "he.")

What is the distance between Goodge Street and Mile End?

The driving distance is 65.6 miles or 105.6km

What if your drivers license is suspended can you still board an airplane?

yes, as long as you are not driving it on a legal street.

What are the laws for driving a golf cart on the city streets of easley sc?

No law. Drive them on the street.

Is texting dangerous?

It could be when your walking in the street or driving a car also when you dont know who you are talking to

What is a ped test?

Pedestrian tests, which includes people walking on the sidewalks and cars driving on the street.

When do you have to have car insurance?

If you are driving a car or have it parked on a public street or parking lot then it must have insurance