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Check your battery cable that runs down to your starter. It could be loose or corroded. Try to tighten it up. Even better take it off, use some sandpaper and clean it to bare metal. Then put it back on good and tight and that might solve your problem. If not it's probably your starter.

2008-06-24 03:35:58
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Q: Why would your 1997 Olds 88 stop all lights radio work but car won't start It clicks when trying to start?
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2007 Nissan Altima clicks when trying to start?

dead battery

Why does 1995 Ford Escort LX not start when ignition switch clicks with key but engine doesn't turn over and instrument panel lights on without key in ignition and radio heater and lights work?

you need a new ignition tumbler.

When trying to start your 1999 dodge intrepid it just clicks?

Battery is dead.

When trying to start my 1994 dodge van it clicks and won't start when cold?

Could be poor battery connection.

My Chevy Malibu will not start I turn the key and all the lights in the car come on but when you try to start the car it just clicks?

you need a new batt.

Car wont start radio works but when you put the lights on radio goes of?

Car battery is run down.

What is wrong when a 1999 ford focus won't start but all the lights come on and it clicks when the key is turned?

i need help with my car

Car clicks when trying to start but wont start?

Check the battery cables. If there is no corrosion and you have good connections, then the starter solenoid/relay may be at fault.

Why your car want start nor will the radio come on but the lights do?

the battery is dead

What wrong when evaporator and condenser fans runs but compressor clicks trying to start on refrigerator?

It's sounds like your low on freon.

Why won't a car even jump start but the lights dim and lots of clicks?

AnswerDim lights and lots of clicks is an indication of too low a charge on the battery. When jump-starting, allow the battery to be attached to the jumper cables for about 5 minutes before trying to crank the engine. If that fails, check for loose battery cables at the battery, ground, or starter. If all connections are good, then the battery is too far gone and must be replaced. Note: You need to find out why the battery discharged - did you leave the lights on? is the alternator bad?.

On the 1992 Grand Marquis not starting I have power to the radio lights etc just it clicks once when the key is turned and if I try to start again it starts to smoke at the terminal?

bad solenoid...if that doesnt fix it and still smokes check cables to battery and proper grounds

How do you start a car if theft lights comes on?

If the theft lights blink, then that is just to scare criminals away and you can start it with any method you want to. If you are trying to break in(BAD), are hot-wireing it, or are messing with the onboard computer, then the car has detected you are trying to break into it and will not start.

What is wrong with your car it only clicks a lot when trying to start but does start with a jump?

Your battery is not giving enough power to start the car. It may be battery, alternator, voltage regulator or bad cables.

What is wrong if you turn the key and car won't start there are no lights no radio no dashboard lights?

Most likely your car battery is completley dead.

Your 2002 Chrysler voyager does not start lights and radio works?

it could be a bad chip in the key or the starter. i could almost gaurantee that if you keep trying to turn it on it will start. i know someone with the same problem, and he turns the key over and over and it started.

Will car start with bad alternator?

yes but wont run for long, you will have no lights, horn, radio ect.

Car clicks and clicks and it's hard to start?

Bad battery, starting motor or both.

Why do the lights go dim on your car right after a jump start?

When you jump start, at first there is only a little charge, and that charge has to go to all electronic features in your car, like the lights, radio, dash

When you try to start your ford f250 7.3diesel it only clicks?

clicking when trying to start is usually caused by flat battery check charge in battery if not battery ,you need to eplace starter mptor

88 Chevy truck just clicks when trying to start?

Weak battery or bad starter solenoid. Possibly a bad battery cable or corroded connection.

What is wrong if the starter clicks but won't start if the radio works so it can't be the battery and it has a new starter?

It can very well be the battery. Takes almost no amperage to operate a radio. I would suspect it is either the battery or the battery connections.

Your 2003 trailblazer won't start. The radio turns on and lights turn on.?

Check the battery. Seems odd but give it a jump and it should start.

Car makes clicking noise when starting?

A car that makes a clicking noise when you are trying to start usually has a bad alternator. If the car clicks just one time when you try to start it, it could be the starter.

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