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Whether lesbian or straight one should never have office romances and you picked a honey ... your boss! People fall in an out of love all the time and now you are stuck in the same company with your former lover and your ex is now involved. Friends? I don't think so. It's time to move out and move on and perhaps change your job. I know it's easier said than done, but if you want to have future relationships you have no choice. Good luck

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Why there are some people who engage in lesbian relationship?

Because they are stupid

Why does a lesbian relationship exist?

Because two women love each other.

What is it like to be in a relationship with a Lesbian?

Its the same as any other relationship. The only difference is the sex of the people. Im in a lesbian relationship, its awesome =o)

What do you do if you think your best friend is a lesbian?

As long as your friend has just been a good friend to you and has not tried to entice you into a lesbian relationship then her sexual preference should not stop you from being friends. Being best friends means you stand up for each other so if you are afraid that being with your best friend who is a lesbian may rub off on you (a myth) or that your other friends may think you are a lesbian because you hang out with her then stand strong and don't let a good friend get away because of their sexual preference. If you are not sure they are a lesbian then continue on with the friendship and stop guessing as to whether she is a lesbian or not. Society has a bad habit of labeling people with the wrong label. Example: Your best friend hangs out with only women and you don't see her date. This does not necessarily mean she is a lesbian, but could simply be shy or is not ready to date because she hasn't found the right person.

Does a girl who enjoys a lesbian affair a lesbian too?

Some would say so because you are in a lesbian relationship. It could all be a state of mind. Figure out if this is something you want to pursue longtime.

Why would a narcissistic man be friends with a lesbian?

A narcissistic, whatever gender they may be, do not truly have friends. If they appear to be friends with somebody, its probably because they admire them (although its really because they fear them). A narcissist being "friends" with a lesbian is most likely nothing sexual, its just that there is something in them, some trait or its because they do something a certain way, that they view so greatly.

How do you know if youre lesbian?

Grab your friends boobs. If you enjoy it, your a lesbian.

Was Virginia Woolf a lesbian?

She had a lesbian relationship with author, Vita Sackville-West. She had books that also had lesbian themes.

How do you know if your sister is gay?

You probably will have to ask her. If you think she is gay because she has lots of female friends, that isn't really a sign. If you think she is gay because she doesn't have any boy friends, that isn't a sign either. Ask her what she thinks about some famous lesbian singer and get a clue from that. If she is gay she may or may not want to tell you, depending on how good your relationship with her is. If you are really good friends with your sister and you seriously think she might be lesbian, you could ask her. She might tell you.

Does a lesbian relationship work better then a straight relationship?

yes they do because when your in a relationship with someone that's just like you its easier for the other to know what they want you don't have to guess or think hard about it and they get along way better you just have to make sure your the right 1 for that other lesbian.

How to deal with intense lesbian crushes while in a straight relationship?

Fight it. You're not a lesbian

Does Jillian Michaels fancy Bob Harper?

Jillian Michaels is currently in a lesbian relationship. She and Bob are merely friends and trainers together on The Biggest Loser.

What does a butch do in a sensual relationship with a lesbian?


Who are in relationship?

it depends on a relationship ther are three: -normal -gay -lesbian normal= a guy and a girl gay=two guys lesbian=two girls

Am I gross because I am lesbian?

plsssssss tell me

Is Lindsay Lohan bi?

Alright so... you people think shes a lesbian just because shes started a new relationship with Samantha Ronson, a lesbian DJ. But really she is a bisexual.

How do you solve lesbian relationship?

You can't... it's not an equation.

How do you deal with being in a lesbian relationship in school?

If someone is bothering you about being a lesbian don't listen to then. So what if you're a lesbian, no matter what someone is always going to saysomething rude about you and you shouldn't let that keep you down. Being a lesbian is how you are and you shouldn't be ashamed of that because that makes you unique. Just block out the rude comments.

When to end a lesbian relationship?

If you feel your girlfriend is not right for you, you make the decision you think is right for your relationship.

Is ross from friends gay?

No... but he did marry a lesbian woman...

What does LGRF stand for?

Lesbian Girlfriend Raping Friends

Is being married to a lesbian a bad thing?

No it ain't a bad thing if you are a lesebian also. if u a male and u married an lesbian that is a bad thing because that relationship is not going to do well... I wish you luck on your success...

Is charlize theron a lesbian?

Currently, she is in a relationship with Stuart Townsend.

Has Greta Van Susteren ever had a lesbian relationship?


What is the male and female called in an lesbian relationship?

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