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Why would your 2-year-old snapping turtle stop eating?

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Q: Why would your 2-year-old snapping turtle stop eating?
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Why would a baby snapping turtle stop eating?

Illness or disease. Contaminated water. Lost it's snap?

Would a snapping turtle eat a snake?


What does a baby alligator snapping turtle eat?

An alligator snapping turtle would eat mostly small fish, and raw meat.

Does a snapping turtle eat rabbits?

A snapping turtle will go after rabbits. Other kinds of turtles would not go after a rabbit unless they were bothered by it.

What would happen if the alligator snapping turtle went extinct?

what will happen if allegator snapping turtules

What climate does snapping turtles live in?

the snapping turtles climate can be a warm climate like Florida or a seasonal climate like Maine. In a climate like Florida, the snapping turtle would always be active, in a climate like Maine the snapping turtle would hibernate

Is a sea turtle a snaping turtle?

There are different types of sea turtles. A snapping turtle is one. Another example would be a leatherback turtle.

Can a betta fish be in same tank or fish bowl with a baby snapping turtle?

probably not its not a good idea. the beta fish and the snapping turtle would fight each other till the detah. and the turtle would end up winning

Can you eat the eggs of a snapping turtle?

yeah, its just tat the turtle would bite u of course

What would a river be like without a snapping turtle?

Not very dangerous! Snapping turtles can bite your hand off if you provoke them.

Is a turtle a predator or a prey?

well since turtles eat plants they can't be predators, and i dont know any animals that would eat a turtle so as far as i know, neither Many turtles are predatory, such as the snapping turtle, and alligator snapping turtle.

Who would win in a fight a CAYMAN or an alligator snapping turtle?

the caiman woud when

Is a snapping turtle a good pet?

There isn't a yes or no answer to this question. It really depends on your preference. Most people probably wouldn't think a snapping turtle would be a good pet because they can be dangerous. The best answer to this question is no. Although snapping turtles are neat they can be dangerous to people. They also have their own home in the wild so you really shouldn't take them away from there just to keep them as a pet. If you want a turtle I would suggest not getting a snapping turtle but going to the pet store and buying a regular turtle.

Can a red eared slider live with a snapping turtle?

No, the snapper would take a bite out of him.

What snapping turtles eat?

Snapping turtles will try to eat anything it can get its jaws on. (Be careful with your fingers!) But I would recommend feeding it bugs and meat. I would also recommend not having a snapping turtle as a pet, since they are aggressive.

What is the biting force of a snapping turtle?

I don't know how it would be expressed in foot pounds or "ergs", but I do know that an adult (24" carapace) snapping turtle can snap a broom handle in half with no problem - I have seen it myself.

What does a week old snapping turtle eat?

small insects that you would find in a stream or creek

What do you call to the baby turtles?

you hiss very quietly as a momma snapping turtle would to her babies.

Where can you buy a snapping turtle online?

i would recommend which is also called loggerhead acres. they have alligator and common snappers. do not buy off turtle sale or turtle source.

What is the particular habitat of the common snapping turtle?

i would say in creeks and ponds around hot climates

How do you bite into a cake and get bitten back?

if the cake was an unbaked snapping turtle cake then sure this would happen

What do a eat snapping turtle?

Things like they would eat in the wild like worms, fish, plants...

What are the predators of the Snapping Turtle?

i dont no, but if someone in this world knows please tell us we would like to know.

Would your snapping turtle live in a fish tank?

Yes, turtles can survive in many environments, as long as they are fed.

What if anything eats a snapping turtle please help?

I don't fully understand your question, but I think it would be bad..