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It shouldn't idle that high the factory idle setting is around 900 RPM's check to make sure nothing is sticking and check vacuum lines. Good luck fixing your problem.

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Q: Why would your 38L idle at 5000 RPM when in park or neutral?
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What is the RPM at idle for 86 cutlass supreme?

the idle should be about 900 RPM in park or neutral.

Why does your 1987 Grand Wagoneer idle poorly in drive In park and neutral it idles great?

check your timing & up your idle a little

What causes a car to not idle in gear but not while in park or neutral?

A vacuum leak (Brake booster).

Mi Mazda milenia 98 has high idle spped when its in neutral and in park what is it?

Normally when you park it isn't moving therefore 0

What is the transmission park?

Park on a transmission is a gear that allows the transmission to idle as if its in neutral while locking the drive train to prevent the vehicle from rolling.

Rpm increases when car is in park?

It is normal for the RPM to increase a little when put in park or neutral. If the RPM increases by a lot, then you need to adjust your idle speed.

What is the idle for 2003 Nissan Altima?

No load in park or neutral 700 give or take 50rpm With A/C around 800rpm

Why does a 1992 k1500 idle and take gas in park or neutral but wont take gas in gear?

Could be a very dirty fuel filter.

Where can you setup idle 1998 v6 Honda acord?

Idle is set automatically by the PCM utilizing sensor on th intake manifold to limit the Idle Air Control Valve. If any of these sensors malfuntions or unfiltered air is entering the manifold, your idle will be up and down continously when in park or neutral.

What is the proper idle speed for a 2000 Nissan Frontier v6?

The proper idle speed for a 2000 Nissan Frontier V6 is between 700 rpmÊand 800 rpmÊin park or neutral. In gear, the idle speed should be between 650 rpm and 700 rpm.

Can you swap a 2004 Toyota Corolla engine with a 2000 Toyota Corolla?

yes u can I've done it but i have a high idle issue if the car is in park or neutral.

What is a park neutral switch?

It is a switch that only allows the starter to work when the transmission is in neutral or park.

Why would your idle go down when im at a stop sign your car is a Mazda 2000 protoge?

if the ac was on it could lower the idle down the ac takes about 12 horse power to run + As long as the transmission is in "Drive," it provides excess strain to the engine system and at a stop will keep the engine idle a couple hundred RPM lower than in "Park" or "Neutral."

Mazda midge 323 idle?

Not certain what question you are asking; normal idle is 750-800 RPM hot, transmission in park (AT) or neutral (MT). Cold idle can be 1500-2000 RPM. Idle speed is adjusted at the trhottle body; remove the rubber plug, turn the screw to increase or decrease as required, when the engine is warmed up and in park or neutral. A wandering or hunting idle may be indication of a worn throttle body butterfly valve shaft; poor fuel pressue; vacuum leak; or worn out throttle position sensor, etc. Good luck Malcolm

Rough idle after braking but not in park or neutral?

this problem could be your mass air sensor, or the problem i had when this happened to me was the catalytic converter is breaking apart on the insid clogging your exhaust.

What could cause a 1998 Buick Park Ave Ultra-bucks and stalls when started and idling-fine when accelerating?

My 1998 Park Avenue would not idle. I cleaned the Idle Air Control Valve (IAC) and the cavity it fits into with carb cleaner. Now it works fine. My 1998 Park Avenue would not idle. I cleaned the Idle Air Control Valve (IAC) and the cavity it fits into with carb cleaner. Now it works fine.

What causes your vehicle to idle high and vibrate in park but when you are driving it is smooth?

I would look for a vacuum leak.

How do you check transmission fluid in a Dodge Ram Pickup?

If your checking the level of the tranny fluid in an automatic you need to turn on the engine let it idle in park NEUTRAL and pull the dipstick.

Why would a 1993 Ford Escort stall when in gear every time you stop but run better in neutral or park?

Your Idle air control (IAC valve) is probably sticking. Try cleaning it. If it idles too low, replace it for about $43.00

Why can I start my 97 ranger in neutral but not in park?

neutral safety switch

Will not come out of park into drive or neutral?

What is it?

What is the wire color for the park neutral safety switch?

The year, make and model would help.

Why would a 2002 Ford Taurus die when idling in park and the AC is turned on?

Idle control motor defective.

What is the difference between neutral and park?

In park the park pin is engaged to prevent the vehicle from rolling away. In neutral there is nothing to prevent the vehicle from rolling away

Can anyone tell why my 1994 pont Bonneville - the idle surges and tries to stall when you are stopped at a light but not as bad when it is in neutral or park. New plugs wires sensors etc.?

A tune up may help yes, but this also may be an idle problem. You can try adjusting your idle, and put a new fuel filter (s) in it.