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The idle control solonoid is probably dirty. Take it off of the throtle body and clean it.

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Q: Why would your Dodge Dynasty 1990 3.3L stall at every light?
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Why would my 1984 dodge ram pick up truck stall at the light when you stop?

Why would my 1984 Dodge pick up truck stall at the light when I stop

Why would your Dodge Durango stall when idling at a stop light?

Your Dodge Durango may stall when idling at a stop light for a couple of reason. One reason may be that a part needs to be replaced on the car.

What might cause a 1995 Dodge Avenger to stall out every time you throw it into reverse?


Why does your 1995 dodge caravan stall every 640 miles?

that specific, have the vehicle computer checked. hope it helps. duboff

What is the cause for a 2000 Dodge Durango to stall?

Is it low on Anti-Freeze? That is a known issue for a car to stall!

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Would a bad PCV valve cause a 1994 Dodge Ram 1500 to stall?


Why does your 2000 dodge neon stall when making a right turn?

buy a new car

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Your 1997 dodge stratus 2.4L has a rough idle and wants to stall?

Check for a vacuum leak

Can a cam shaft sensor problem cause a 2000 dodge Plymouth neon to stall?


Why causes a 73 dodge van to stall when put into drive?

torque converter lock out engaged.

What is the factory stall speed of a 1970 dodge charger 440 magnum?

1,800 or 1,900 RPM.

Would a bad o2 sensor cause a 02 dodge Dakota to stall?

Yes, a bad O2 sensor would cause a 2002 Dodge Dakota to stall. It would also cause bad fuel mileage and hard idling within the vehicle.

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The crank sensor on your 2000 dodge neon keeps failing any suggestions?

crank sensor in 2000 dodge neon fails. car starts to stall while operating. idols with no problem, when in operation starts to stall again and again until will not start again.

1999 Dodge Intrepid heater is not working very well?

1999 dodge intrepid is not starting I change crank and camshaft sensor and it stall will not start what can i do next.

Would an egr valve make a 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan stall and jerk when driving?

It could.

Dodge charger will not go in reverse but in drive it is okay is that a serious problem?

How will you back out of your driveway or parking stall?

Dodge charger stalling 2007?

Does it stall at idle, just after you start up? Does it stall when you give it gas - or take your foot off of the gas? Does it stall at stoplights, stopsigns, etc? Does it stall when the engine is hot or cold or warm? I would love to try and help, but you've gotta give me something to work off of!

Chevy lumina 3.1 L eng stall in a stop light or it will stall whill in park?

new EGR valvie and it still stlls

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What is wrong with your 1998 dodge ram it runs bad when you first start it up no engine light on but acts like it wants to stall but never does?

If the rpm's are erratic it could be the throttle position sensor. It is a cheap and easy repair.