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thats more than likely your brakes or your wheel last car did that...can prove to be a little pricey The squealing is from little metal tabs on your brake pads that make contact with your rotors when your pads are almost gone. It is their sole function in life to squeal so that you know it's time to get new brake pads. The shaking while braking is from warped rotors, and you'll have to either buy new rotors or have your old ones "turned" at a machine shop.

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Q: Why would your Explorer make a squealing noise and shake when you come to a stop?
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What would cause a squealing noise when the ac is turned on?

check a/c compressor and belt.

What would cause a loud squealing noise after changing oil?

When refilling the oil some may have dripped onto the belt which would cause it to start slipping badly and squealing loudly.

What would cause a squealing noise as i cut off my car?

It sounds like the fan-belt is slipping.

What would cause a squealing noise when I drive to the right?

possibly a bad should get all brakes done

Why would a Dodge durango 25000 miles make a squealing noise ocassionally and the brakes are fine?

Water in the drums or on the pads.

What would cause a 1999 Honda Passport to make a squealing noise?

If that's the extent of the complaint, check the serpentine belt and tensioner.

What would make a squealing sound on a 2004 ford explorer when you start it up and start to drive then quites?

A loose belt on the motor.

Would belt tensioner make loud squealing noise from engine when cold then go away when engine warmed up?

why is there squeek noise when starting and then goes away when engine warms up

What would cause a high pitched squealing noise in 1994 Honda Civic when turning left or right?

Power Steering pump my have a leak...

What would cause a squeaking or squealing noise when backing up or making a sharp turn?

metal, right? Sounds like metal, yes.

What would cause a squealing noise after changing a cv boot?

the cv axle wasnt completely tightened causing the hub bearing to go out

What would cause a squealing noise from front end of 1995 Camaro that is quieter when brakes are applied?

Start with the most likely andeasiest to fix. Check your brake pads... There is a wear indicator on the inside pads (closest to engine) that will rub on the rotor and make a squealing noise to warn you that the pads are getting thin. When you apply the brakes the noise will go away a lot of the time. If the pads are new or not making the noise then I do not know what the problem may be.

Why would there be a squealing noise only while driving after recharging the AC on a 1998 Nissan Altima?

the squeeling noise is from the fan belt either the belt needs renewing, or the a/c compressor clutch is not operating correctly

Why would you hear a humming noise in a 1996 ford explorer XL?

is the humming coming from the front end of the vehicle? i have a 1996 explorer with the same issue. yes the noise come from the front but not all the time seems to make the humming noise when it gets hot

What would cause a squealing noise every time the steering wheel is turned either left or right?

Power Steering Fluid Or Power Steering Pump

What would be the cause of an intermittent high pitched squealing noise coming from the rear of a 2002 Ford Expedition?

rear differential got lube? rear wheel bearings?

What would cause a squealing noise while a car is running?

Though there are several possibilities, by far the most common reason for that is a loose or glazed belt in the engine compartment.

Should the 3DS make a noise when you shake it?

No. What would this possibly give anybody in terms of satisfaction? Sometimes, the noise is from the stylus being slightly loose when the 3DS is shaken.

What would cause your SUV to make a high pitch squealing noise when you shift gears?

If it's a manual transmission, it might be the throwout bearing. However, this noise would only occur with the clutch pushed in. If it does it after you let the clutch out then it might just be an accessory belt that needs tightening.

What would cause clicking noise from tires on a 1993 explorer?

probably just getting rocks caught in the tread.

The water pump squeals after being crunk for 5 minutes. What would cause this?

I think it is the massive pressure of the water being let out at such fast speed that it makes a squealing noise

Why would an Explorer make a squealing noise when you start it?

Assuming you have already checked the obvious, the serpentine belt tensioner and belt. A common cause of the squeal in 4.0 Ford engines is the camshaft sychronizer (takes the place of the distributor on DIS, distributorless ignition systems). It sounds very similar to a belt squeal and is often mis-diagnosed as a belt being loose or worn. The noise can be intermittant, but if the noise is there when you have the hood up use a simple mechanic's stethoscope to help pinpoint the source of the noise. == == The most likely culprit is a serpentine belt or the belt tensioner. Try replacing the serpentine belt. If the noise persists, replace the belt tensioner. See the related article "Serpentine belt and Tensioner FAQ for the Ford Explorer all models"

Noise around the belt on 1989 Celebrity?

You need to be a little more specific about the noise around the belt. I would suggest you check out the serpentine belt as it could be failing. If it is a grinding or squealing noise it could be a failing bearing in one of the units the belt powers. I hope this is of some help, if not ask again with more information.

Why would the AC compressor on a 2001 ford explorer sports track make a grinding noise?

The clutch assemble is shot...

What would cause a loud knocking noise coming from the engine at 70 mph and make the truck shake very badly?

Having a bad rod bearing could cause a truck to make a loud knocking noise and shake when driving at high speeds. The engine having a coolant leak or an engine timing problem could also cause the knocking noise.