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Why would your baby go to someone else instead of you?


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2006-02-21 21:19:59
2006-02-21 21:19:59

Hello.....children at a very young age get accustomed to someone who is familiar to them...if your child is in daycare or with a home day care provider, your child gets very used to that person and may show some resistance to you....personally, I have made it a point to surround my 1 year old around family and friends to avoid this separate anxiety...Good Luck! It is truly a blessing to have your child be comfortable with all people.. Lots of reasons, maybe they are curious, or you are worrying about something and they sense that, or they are moody and being with you didn't help so they try someone else to see if that person can magically help them, or they are mad at you , or they think that person is a softy and hope to convice them to provide candy, let them stay up later, whatever. Kids are people too and they make choices and are random. It doesn't mean they love you or like you less. They tend to be sure you love them and will play with them and hug them whenever they want so they tend to take you for granted. They sometimes seek out other adults because they don't trust that that person will be as available all the time. Take it as a weird compliment.


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