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This depends greatly on what kind and year of car and what kind of engine. This is just too general to answer. Joe Sounds like a major lack of maintenance, I'd start there if it isn't too late.

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โˆ™ 2005-04-03 03:38:06
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Q: Why would your car be constantly hard to start?
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Would a blown head gasket make your car hard to start?

Yes it would.

What would make a car hard to start just after you get gas?

fuel filter or fuel relay

Why your car dies after running for a period of time?

car dies when running then hard to start ,if it will start

Would condensation in headligts make it hard to start the car?

Not aware of any connection between the 2

Why would it be hard to travel in a cramped car?

Would be hard to travel in a cramped car because it is uncomfortable

What would you do if your car does not start?

I would get in my other car

Why would a cart start moving faster if you give it a hard push than if you gave it a sorft push?

If you push a car hard it'll go faster and if you push a car softer it will go slower

Why is it hard for a car to start when the engine is cold?

It is not so much hard for a car to start when the engine is cold as it is easier for a car to start when the engine is warm.Cars that are hard to start in the cold are usually not new cars any more and because of wear and tear there is more likely to be something that doesnt work as well. when fuel is warm it ignites more easily.

Your car lost power while driving and now will not start?

my car has no power when driving. plus its hard to start. after i ran it low on fuel

Why is car hard to start but runs fine? hhometro

What will be done to a diesel car that is hard to start in the morning?

glow plugs

What is wrong if a 1993 Geo Tracker is hard to start?

Well depends of what kind of hard start and transmission your car may have. It can be and electrical, transmission, engine issue

Car is hard to start after sitting for a period of time?

The battery goes dead

Can you drive your car with a broken hand?

You can, but it would be hard and I would not recommend it.

How Can you start a riding mower if the starter is out?

jump start like a car..... not sure exactly how but I've hard it can be done

Would a warp engine head cause a car not to start?

Probably not, although it could lead to other problems which would cause your car not to start.

Why would your car start and then run for approx 5 min then die and not start back up?

Depends on the car....what is it???

When does car racing start to start the year?

It would depend on what type of car racing you speak of, there are several types.

What would happen if you put 15w40 oil in a car that needs 5w-30?

in warm weather nothing in cold weather it could be hard to start

How do you tell if a purge valve is bad on a Hyundai?

if you get to get gas the car has hard time to start

When should you use dry gas?

When your low on gas and car is a little hard to start

What causes a car to hard start in the morning?

the coolant temperature sensor could be faulty.......

Why would everything still come on in a car but the car won't start?

no gas

Will your car start if the engine has seized?

NO it should not start but if does I would call it a miracle.

Can a car start fire 6 hours after being parked with everything turned off?

No, if the car was shut off and cool, which it would have been by then. You did not try to start the car. It would have had to have been a random act of vandalism to get the car on fire.