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Sounds like the window motor is going on you. Same problem on my Grand AM passenger side, you can help pull the window up so your doing most of the work until you get a new motor though. Power windows work on the vehicles electrical system. Most power windows have either a fuse or relay in the electrical circuit. Check to see if the fuse or relay has gone bad first, this also will prevent the windows from operating.

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โˆ™ 2005-08-18 02:36:39
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Q: Why would your drivers side window go down but stop when you try to bring it up so you need to wait a few minutes until it works for a little and then stops again?
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What would cause your 98 F-150 drivers side power window switch to not work It started work again for a little bit but does not anymore other's do work though?

Dirty switch contact. Repair or replace

94 Camaro Driver window move little then stops Wait 10 min then moves Again Any suguestions?

change the window motor as it's getting hot and shutting down.

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What could be wrong with the rear window of my 1995 4 runner. It won't roll down yet all other automatic locks and windows work?

When my back window would not roll down, I checked the rear window wiper assembly. The blade assembly needs to be down in a certain position before the window rolls down. Mine happened to be a little stuck up in between the window and the black insulation. Just wiggle the wiper down a little and try again.

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Why wouldn't your rear defroster work?

Check to make sure your rear window is not down a little bit. I could not get the rear w/s wiper or the rear window defroster to work until I lowered the rear window and then closed it again. Problem solved. Hope it works for you, too !

How do you reset window relay on a Vauxhall Frontera?

Close the window press the button again as if to close and listen for a click window reset

Why does firebird transam 2000 driver side window close sometimes little by little you have to wait a minute and then it will close a bit then wait again and then it will close again Happens frequentl?

trans ams and firebirds have always had weak electric motors for their windows and locks it may be a bad ground or the motor itself could be whipped or the other reason could be the rubber seal is too thick around the window so it slows it down. It's overheating because its burned out (the window motor). It needs to be replaced.

93' town car The drivers side window will get stuck and wont roll up Replaced the regulator and motor twice and will work 4awile then break again Both regulators you got were new b4 they busted?

spray silicone lubricant on the rails of the window roller upper. clean it first.

Chevy astro drivers side window not working?

OK, This is my first time posting a question and I thought it was like an email deal..... My 1999 Chevy astro drivers side door window works intermittently. Sometimes it works fine, and sometimes it only works a little at a time. It usually doesn't have a problem going down, but when I go to roll it up, it stalls, and I have to wait (for a minute or so) to hit the button to advance it some more before it quits again. Anyone have an idea on what is causing this? I am having the same problem with my 2000 Astro. The window rolls down fine but occasionally it will not roll up. It seems if I turn off the engine and then restart, then I can get the window to roll up. (Or this is just a coincidence.)

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The power window on my 1995 Buick Skylark will only move a few inches at a time and then I have to wait 2-5 minutes before it will move a few more inches. This has been going on for 2 years.?

The reason you have to wait a couple minutes for it to move again is because the circuit breaker has popped and it resets itself after it has cooled off. The reasons the circuit breaker pops in the first place could be, a faulty circuit breaker, a faulty power window motor or the window track is binding.

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If you use this window a lot, the window regulator will wear out. The window regulator is an X assembly with bushings and an electric worm gear motor. When the bushings wear out and the temperature is hot they misalign and will not allow the window to move. Check out for a new regulator assembly with a new motor. You will have to take off the outer door skin to replace the window regulator, it is held on by about 10 torx head screws, the door handle and the mirror. Good Luck

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