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It doesn't matter, let her go. She doesn't want to be direct and hurt your feelings. She doesn't want you. she probably still has deep feelings for you so seeing you can cause her pain. GO SEE HER!! Surprise her with flowers and something that she likes. If she declines at that point just consider it a wash and it's over.

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When did munro chambers and aislinn Paul date?

No they haven't dated but Aislinn and Munro have worked together when they were little. they see each other as friends.

What episode of Sonny With a Chance does Tonnie tell Sonny she dated chad when she was little?

well da its easy the episode where tonnie tells sonny she dated chad when she was little

Have Holly Willoughby and Stephen Mulhern ever dated?

They used to present together, and have been at numerous award shows together, however there is no evidence that the two have ever dated. But they are now dating.

Who has Barry Watson dated?

I think him and Jessica Biel might have dated a little bit on a few episodes of 7th heaven!

Is Dave batista a virgin?

no,well atleast i don't think so,but he was married,he dated kelly kelly and had a little thing with marys,put 2&2 together and you'll see.

Did Selena Gomez date Nick Jonas?

They dated but they are no longer together.

Are William Moseley and Anna popplewell back together?

they never dated

How many girlfriends have the Jonas Brothers had?

Kevin is engaged to Danielle Deleasa Joe dated Taylor Swift, Aj Michalka, Chelsea Staub and Camilla Belle Nick dated Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez they have had nine girlfriends put together encluding there little brother Frankie

Does Alison have a boyfriend in Pretty Little Liars?

Alison dated Ian.

Who has Zayn Malik dated?

Just perrie edward from little mix

Does Josh Hutcherson dated Selena gomez?

Well I'm not sure if Selena Gomez dated Josh hutcherson but I have seen many pictures that they are together

Has Yara martinez dated gale Harold?

yes, i beleive they are still together

Are Kristen stwerat and taylour lautner dating?

No. They have dated previously, but are no longer together.

Who is Mona dating on Pretty Little Liars?

In the books she dated Eric Kahn Noel's brother in the series she dated Mike Montgomery, Aria's brother

Why would coin be dated 1366 if it was made in 1947?

It most likely was dated 1966 but it got a little faded and it just looks like 1366.

Was Raven Handrich dating Bridgit Mendler or Ariana Grande?

He dated Bridgit for like 6 months but they're not together anymore. Ppl say he dated Ariana bc they were spotted hanging out together at a hotel while Ariana was in FL but i don't believe they ever dated, i think they are just friends. :)

Are Batman and Cat Woman dating?

They dated a little bit in Batman returns.

Has maria dated Jeff hardy?

No they have never dated! Jeff is with long time girlfriend whom he is engaged to Beth Britt they have been together 11 years

Does jeff hardy and velvet sky go together?

No they never dated !! and no they are not married. Jeff is married to Beth for a year now and they were together for 12 years before their marriage!! Velvet Sky dated Shane Helms and Velvet has no kids.

Who was the contestant in Xfactor did Zayn from one direction dated in 2010?

Zayn dated Rebecca Ferguson briefly and is now currently dating Perrie from Little Mix

Who is drake currently dating?

Nebby. He dated her back in 2009 and they are now back together. They have been spotted out together in numerous places.

Are Taylor and Taylor going back together?

Well actually, Taylor and Jake did dated back in December, but then they were over. No, they are not back together.

Is Anna popplewell and William moseley together now?

Nope they never even dated!!!

Who has Rhona Mitra dated?

Certainly not Sugata Mitra, although they had breakfast together once.

Why did none of the women who dated Michael Jackson stay with him?

I guess they didn't work out together.