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==A guy's take== I think it's important to look at why you guys are exes in the first place. It sounds to me like he has some possessiveness/control issues; he may not be very good at letting go even after a year of being with someone else. Maybe he wants to have his cake and eat it too. If he was in any way controlling or abusive with you or serially cheating on you I don't give his current g/f good odds either...I don't think that in general people change very much - they may be able to alter their behaviors, sometimes forever, but they most often continue in the same general thought and behavior patterns unless they are very motivated. You may want to think about the reasons why the reaction of your ex is important to you. It may be better if you both move on as much as you can - and just accept that you have separate lives. He sounds immature and egotistical. He was happy you didnt have someone while he did, jealousy could be the reason too. Guys love to think they are legends in their own minds and now that he realizes you are not "alone" and getting some too, his ego is hit. Too bad, so sad for him. If he cared how you felt he would have not showed any reaction to whether you had someone or not, just been there as a friend.

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How do you get someone to stop being jealous of your relationship with someone else so that you can kiss your Gilrfriend without the jealous person getting upset?

Tell that jealous person that if they really liked you then they would only want you to be happy, and that your girlfriend makes you happy.

How do you make your girlfriend happy in bed?

Ask her what would make her happy or what we should like to do differently.

Will you introduce someone young and beautiful to be the girlfriend to someone you love but you know it's impossible between you two?

Answer Sure I would. If I knew that I didn't stand a chance with her, why not see someone else happy, especially if it works out for the two of them.

How do i ask out my cousins girlfriend when she may have feelings for me?

You don't. They are happy as they are and don't need someone else causing problems for them. If they aren't happy, they should be left to sort out their issues privately; you would only create more.

How do you steal a guy away from his girlfriend?

You don't because his not available anymore and its not right. Why would you want to hurt someone you didn't know just for you to be happy? What if it was you in her shoes, how will you feel if someone take away your boyfriend?

Should i spank my girlfriend?

If you and your girlfriend are both happy to do this AND she asks you to, then this would be OK. However if when you ask she says NO then it is NOT OK.

Mentors teasing aditya narayan about his girlfriend?

he said he had a girlfriend named dimple,he also said that his girlfriend would be happy seeing that he is addressing her in front of everyone

How do you know if a guy likes you when he has another girlfriend?

If he says he likes you and from his attitude. If they are happy together I would let them be unless he would rather be with you. You can still like a guy and not be his "girlfriend."

What is considered cheating on your boyfriend or girlfriend?

Doing anything with someone else that you would not do in front of your boyfriend or girlfriend.

What if a guy broke up with his girlfriend for you?

well i would be happy but at the same time be sad for the girlfriend he dumped because of me shes heart broken

How would you use wistful in a sentence?

I was tired but happy and a little wistful when we finally arrived home.

How do you say Happy Birthday to someone in Spanish?

¡Feliz cumpleaños! is how you would say Happy Birthday in Spanish.

How can you know if your boyfriend or girlfriend love you?

Well an obvious answer would be that they would tell you, but things are always that ideal. I would pay close attention to their actions, do they make an effort to make you happy? Would they be okay with you being with someone else if it made you ultimately happy? It's not a straight forward answer, but love isn't straight forward. depends on what sex they aremake your move but if he already has a girlfriend say sumeyhing dusging to therey boyfriend and they will dump them then MAKE YOUR MOOOOOOVE!!!!!YOU GO GIRL

What does it mean when a guy says he will date you if he hasn't girlfriend?

When a guy says he would date you if he didn't have a girlfriend, he is being nice and letting you know that he is already taken and that you would be someone that he would consider dating if he wasn't already with someone else.

How many of you would like it if someone wrote a song about an ex boyfriend or girlfriend?

it depends on wat kind of song it is.... a sad loving song i would be worried and sad that he/she didnt write one for me a im happy you are gone song is kk

Would a boy get jealous if someone fancied his girlfriend?

either that or pissed off.

How do you detect if your girlfriend is cheating?

i don't know 'coz i don't have any girlfriend at all. would you recommend me to someone? tnx! hahahahha

What would happen if benicio del toro were blond and had blue eyes?

someone would finally love him.

You have an ex-girlfriend and you have a child together She is now with someone that is making her happy but you want to get her back How do you accomplish this if they have a serious relationship?

I would suggest you let your ex know so she can choose who shee wants to be with. If her relationship at the moment is serious and she is happy, i suggest you do not get invovled and move on. There are plenty of females out there.

Why would someone miss his ex-girlfriend and want her back after breaking up with her?

because this preson still has feelings for his ex-girlfriend

What to do when your girlfriend doesnt want to go any where with you?

Dump her. Why would you date someone who is ashamed of you?

Can your girlfriend be covered under someone else's policy if she has no car insurance on their car?

She would have to put that person's name on the registration. The other person (or girlfriend) would have to pay for the insurance.

Are you guys together?

This question can only be answered if you are talking about someone specific. If you are with someone you wouldn't have to question it and you would be happy.

How can you get rid of an x-girlfriend?

Tell her if she really did ever care about you, she would leave you alnone to be happy. If that fails tell her straight you don't like her at all. You must be frank.

What drove George to break up with Susan?

Jerry did unfortunately when he told George he broke up with his girlfriend. George and Jerry made a deal that they would both finally have a long lasting girlfriend.

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