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sounds like you have overloaded and blown a fuse or relay check fuses . disconnect power source for radio recheck fuses.if dash lights come on, find a different point for power supply for radio. actually you should connect radio to accesories .lights dont take as much power as radio

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Why would your digital speedometer all the sudden quit working with all gages for your 1998 dodge grand caravan 3.8 and the door lock stop working when their is no gages?

Electrical failure. Perhaps power is not getting from the battery to those components.

2004 pt cruiser gages on dash suddenly stopped working?

probably a fuse blown

How did Phineas gauge get hit with the tamping iron?

He was a good foreman working for a railroad company when somebody either forgot to plug in the sand over the gunpowder or he saw somebody not working but the iron slipped and ignited the gunpowder jabbing the tamping iron straight into Phineas Gages head.

What causes the digital gages to stop working on a 1985 Nissan 300zx turbo?

It is the control box under the dash

The instrument use in measuring force?

force gages, torque gages

Why would you place shims under the plate nut when you are installing aircraft bolts in a panel?

If your goal is to standardize the fastener length when you have varying gages. If it's an access panel with several grip lengths you will risk installing the wrong gripped fastener when you reatach the panel.

What county is Gages Lake Illinois in?

Gages Lake, IL is in Lake county.

Why are the gauges not working in your 2000 cougar?

If the gages in a 2000 Mercury Cougar at not working, it is likely that a fuse is blown. While the chance is slim, there could also be a wiring harness malfunction.

What is wrong when your gauges on dash board stop working on your 1997 Chevy astro van?

what is wrong when your gages on dash board stop working on your 1997 chevy astro van?

Why am i loosing oil pressure on my 2000 jeep Cherokee and my check gages light came on?

Oil pump. pick-up or drive if level is ok and assuming gauges accurate.

What fuse would you check if your cluster gages stop working on a 2002 Chevrolet impala?

you will have to get a new cluster i had it done will put you back $500.00

Why would the Instrument panel lights and all gages Quit working?

Checked owners manual for any obvious fuses. Any recommendations why instrument panel and gauges would guit working?

What has the author J H Leck written?

J. H. Leck has written: 'Pressure measurement in vacuum systems' -- subject(s): Pressure gages, Vacuum gages, Vacuum pumps, Vacuum-gages

What would cause my 1988 E150 fuel gauges not to work?

If it just the fuel gage then your sending unit is not working or their is a broke wire between the tank and the gage. If all your gages are not working check for a blwon fuse.

What could cause for the gages on a Chevy Trailblazer to stop working?

The stepper motors behind the gauges. Cheaper to get the motors on Ebay than a whole new cluster

How do you check gages?

check mate

Does Justin Bieber have gages?

What question is that.

2002 dodge ram 2500 diesel gages don't work no fuse for gages any suggestions?

air bag fuse

What would cause all the instrument panel gages like the fuel temp tachometer and speedometer to stop working at the same exact time?

fuse to the dash gone ???

What has the author Leo C Williams written?

Leo C. Williams has written: 'CERC wave gages' -- subject(s): Gages, Ocean waves

Where to start to troubleshoot a 1989 bronco xlt with none of the gages working?

I would look for a blown fuse. Make sure ignition switch returns completely to the run position, after starting.

When the check gages light comes on the temp meter is in the hot zone and the overflow tank is leaking out anti-freeze is that an indication of low coolant in the radiator of my '97 grand Cherokee?

A hot temp reading and coolant coming out of the overflow bottle is a sign overheating. The most common problems would be either a stuck thermostat or a bad water pump.

2000 Jeep Cherokee gas and battery gages not working car does not start?

My 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee was doing the exact same thing. The dealership told me the crank sensor had shorted out and caused all of the problems. They replaced it and I am back in business!!! I agree, mine was giving "NO BUS" error on the odometer and the CPS (Crank Position Sensor) was the culprit. Located on the rear of the top lip of the transmission, above the opening for the flywheel. I replaced mine myself, HUGE, I'd recommend having it done...

Where do you check fluid levels on harley Davidson 2003 road king?

You could use a dip-stick or check the gages, there are gages for everything on those modern bikes.

Will a Euro Sport gauge cluster with fuel temp volts function in a regular celebrity dash?

No The dash with gages will not work due to the engine sensors are different from gages to lights. I have changed 4 of my Chevrolet Celebrities from idiot lights to gages. The gage cluster is a direct fit, the voltage gage will work with no alteration. The temp sensor is readily changeable by purchasing the proper sensor for your car. The fuel gages are the same.