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Short answer: Well you are the judge depending wether the guy she cheats on you look better than you. If she keeps the relationship going 95% of the time, she's still going to cheat again.

If he is on you're level or below wether you want to believe it or not no matter what the excuse is if she really connects with him she would be with him not you. She may have been a little revengeful but she didn't mean it. If the guy looks better than you and connects better than you, you should sit down with both of them, ask them do they see each other in their future, and there's you're answer

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Q: Why would your girlfriend cheat on you but still want to keep the relationship going?
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Who did Justin Timberlake cheat on Jessica Bile with?

he didn't cheat on Jessica, they are still going out. :-)

How many percent of females cheat in a relationship?

There are no correct statistics as to how many females cheat in a relationship because cheating is done in secrecy and many are still going on without the other mate knowing she is cheating on him.

Why did lita cheat on Matt hardy?

because lita thought that their relationship was going down hill so she cheat!!! (p.s. i still thing her and Jeff made a better couple)

Should you confront your girlfriend to ease your comfort about irrational fears of her cheating on you?

Communication is an important aspect of any serious relationship.You should feel free to communicate your feelings to your girlfriend, but do try to be conscious of how you may be coming across, and of her own feelings.For example, it could be harmful or hurtful to say "I'm afraid you're going to cheat on me". A more neutral and soft approach would be "I have a crazy / irrational fear that you're going to cheat on me, and even though I know that's stupid, it still affects me".

What should you do if you think your girlfriend is going too slow in the relationship?

Everyone has a certain pace that they prefer to progress in a relationship. Your girlfriend may not want to rush into anything, and it is your job not to force her into anything that she is not comfortable doing. If it is still a big concern for you, talk to her about it first, but do not push anything if she is not ready to move forward in the relationship yet.

What does it mean an ex girlfriend says its over for sure but still talks about the relationship when you call her?

Why are you still calling her if the relationship is over?

Does Louis Tomlinson currently have a girlfriend 2012?

yes, he is still in a relationship with Eleanor Calder. He has NO NEW GIRLFRIEND.

Has Dylan everett got a girlfriend 2012?

Yes, he is currently in an amazing relationship with Nina Thibeault and they have been secretly dating for 1 year and still going strong.

Why would a man cheat with his ex-girlfriend?

He still has feelings for her. He knows that she will always sleep with him.

How can you stop a man from cheating?

You can't stop a man from cheating. If he wants to cheat, he will do it. You can have the perfect girlfriend doing everything for him and he may still cheat.

Does Daniel kessler from interpol have a girlfriend?

as far as i know, he is still in a relationship

What causes women to cheat?

Women cheat when they are bored with their relationship or just have an interest in someone else, but they still want their current partner.

Are Matt Nicholls and his girlfriend still going out?

Yes they are.

Is the rapper example in a relationship?

I think he's still in a relationship of about 3/4 years. A lot of his songs are about past relationships or his girlfriend

Why would u cheat on ur long term girlfriend why not end the relation would it be because you might not find another one like her yet u still want to play the field isnt cheating sign of weak relation?

Sexual dissatisfaction is one of the most prominent reason for someone in a relationship to cheat. Other reasons would be not getting enough emotional support, not enough communication on relationship, etc.It isn't necessarily a sign of weak relationship.

How do you make a friend with benefits just a friend if he is your best friend?

Why would you want to change your relationship with him in the first place? If he is your best friend, you do NOT want to put that relationship in danger by just having him be a "friend with benefits" type of thing going on... What you could do is actually be boyfriend/girlfriend relationship which would still keep the friendship.

Should you worry if your boyfriend's best friend is his ex girlfriend?

It honestly depends on the situation. Some boys can remain faithful while still being mature, platonic friends with their exes. If you're questioning it, the trust in the relationship is probably lacking... that's going to ruin the relationship probably faster than any ex-girlfriend being his best friend. Best of luck.

What do you do if your girlfriend and you are not going out anymore and have not broken up but are still friends?

Talk to her about it?

Does matty b have a girlfriend 2014?

i think he is still going out with rachel

Will he ever leave his girlfriend while he is still cheating with you?

Why should he leave his girlfriend when you are supplying him with a free sexual relationship without any commitments from him. Men or women who cheat on their mates are getting the best of both and they are self centered; selfish; ego maniacal and they do not care about anyone but themselves. He has cheapened and used you and if you were smart you should let him know you do not like sharing your partner and he either chooses you or his girlfriend.

Are Taylor swift and Taylor lautner still going out?

no because on girlfriend they say: he was sooo bored going out with her.

Fazer still trying to sleep with Tulisa?

No he isn't. He has a girlfriend and is respectful of Tulisa's relationship with her fiance.

Should yu tell your ex your still have feelings for them even if your in another relationship?

If you have feelings for your ex, but are in a relationship, i suggest you break up with your current girlfriend/boyfriend, and see if your ex still has feelings....

Why do men and woman continue to be involved with someone who made it clear that the relationship it going no where?

The relationship may be going nowhere but the sex still feels good.

What does it mean if you still love your girlfriend but don't want to be in a relationship anymore?

Your obviously not ready for a relationship at this time with her but you can still love someone even if you are not with them exclusively. You may love her and respect her as a very close friend.