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Why would your girlfriend cheat on you but still want to keep the relationship going?


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Short answer: Well you are the judge depending wether the guy she cheats on you look better than you. If she keeps the relationship going 95% of the time, she's still going to cheat again.

If he is on you're level or below wether you want to believe it or not no matter what the excuse is if she really connects with him she would be with him not you. She may have been a little revengeful but she didn't mean it. If the guy looks better than you and connects better than you, you should sit down with both of them, ask them do they see each other in their future, and there's you're answer

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There are no correct statistics as to how many females cheat in a relationship because cheating is done in secrecy and many are still going on without the other mate knowing she is cheating on him.

He still has feelings for her. He knows that she will always sleep with him.

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Everyone has a certain pace that they prefer to progress in a relationship. Your girlfriend may not want to rush into anything, and it is your job not to force her into anything that she is not comfortable doing. If it is still a big concern for you, talk to her about it first, but do not push anything if she is not ready to move forward in the relationship yet.

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Communication is an important aspect of any serious relationship.You should feel free to communicate your feelings to your girlfriend, but do try to be conscious of how you may be coming across, and of her own feelings.For example, it could be harmful or hurtful to say "I'm afraid you're going to cheat on me". A more neutral and soft approach would be "I have a crazy / irrational fear that you're going to cheat on me, and even though I know that's stupid, it still affects me".

You can't stop a man from cheating. If he wants to cheat, he will do it. You can have the perfect girlfriend doing everything for him and he may still cheat.

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You need to make sure that the both of you are alone then ask her if she still loves you.

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