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Why would your husband leave after 8 months of marriage without trying again or showing any feelings if you've been together 4 years and were happy?


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April 27, 2005 8:26PM

There can be many things wrong. Marriage wasn't what he thought it would be He can't accept responsibility Immaturity He doesn't like the feeling of being tied down He thought he loved you, but doesn't He is depressed He's a jerk One of the above I am sure will fit him. Unfortunately, many young couples are so in love, get married and one of them discovers they really aren't in love with that person. Don't let it get you down. I was married before to a immature, self-centered and a womanizing guy and I know the pain it causes, but it's not your fault. The best thing to do is at least get a separation and see if that brings him around and if not, get a divorce and move on with your life. There are so many wonderful things ahead of you, so don't waste too much time on this guy. Since marriage should be taken seriously, and if you know where he is, try to pin him down; go for coffee and discuss the problems. If he is depressed try to help, if he just wants out of the marriage give him his wish and as much as it hurts you just move on as there is someone out there that is better for you. It's best you find out now than later. Good luck Marcy I totally agree with the answer i last received, thanks. Its a shame there are 2 children involved as well and hes not mature enough to take control and be a man (he is 30). Its shocking behaviour and I will move on to find somebody who can appreciate and love me.