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Why would your joints crack all the time?


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This sounds like you need some essential fatty acids inside you and some gucosamine sulphate. Go to the healthfood shop like Holland and Barrats or another good reputable one and they will be able to give you lots of help. If theres no improvement after about one month to six weeks vist your GP. x


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gases in the synovial fluid inside your joints burst like a bubble causing that sound.

yes ive crack my toes all the time.

absolutely! I do it all the time

My ankles crack all the time. There is nothing bad 99.99% of the time. It is just your bones rubbing together. This happens usually to skinny people.

No it is not bad at all. The cracking noise comes from a gas bubble in your joint. I have always cracked my joints for as long as I can remember and they always feel better after I crack them. To some people it is gross, but 25% of the United States have a habit of doing it.

If all your joints were ball and socket joints, you would find movement and stable posture difficult. Joints have the structures they do to facilitate many functions, including stability, protection, and movement.

The joint that would move in all directions would be a ball and socket joint, which is like your arm. There are other types of joints, though.

You would not be able to move at all.

No it is perfectly fine. Some people say it causes arthritis and joint problems but those are myths. When you crack anything, it is releasing trapped fluids that your joints produce, and it makes a popping sound. It is not bad at all.

if you crack them all the time, then yes

he was on crack all the time. buyakasha!

You should have phrased it, "What is the importance of the joints in the skeletal system?" Well you use joints all the time if you don't know that... I will give you an example of why it's so important. If you only had bones without any joints. You would not be able to bend, or twist. You would be EXTREMELY stiff. It would probably be nearly impossible for you to move. Also you would not be able to play Video Games because you have to bend your fingers or twist and rotate them.

Not that I know of If it is then I have bone cancer My joints pop all the time because I used to play sports

Yes, all joints are built to allow movement around the joints and tendons.

Yes, it will. Be very careful not to let your pee touch your butt crack No, it wont. My pee touches my butt crack all the time, and all my skin is still there. it wont burn off skin.anyways how would it just wipe it off make up your mind peoples no, if you get pee on your crack, dont worry about it. it fine, just wipe it off.

Fussed joints (Stiff joints) they dont move at all

NO! They are fibrous joints and not moveable at all.

most of the timeANS2:No, it is usually considered unhealthy when the fixed joints that hold the skull together (sutures) move.

Popping or cracking knuckles is a result of releasing gas out of a pocket of liquid in your joints (if I remember correctly). Basically, it's kind of like opening a can of soda. It isn't harmful and contrary to popular opinion doesn't cause arthritisKnees, on the other hand, usually pop because of ligaments snapping over bony protrusions. This again is harmless unless you're really twisting your kness.Why it would happen "all the time" depends on how often you're talking about, but my knees crack and pop at least 5 - 10 times a day, and it's considered normal for me.More information:I get that all the time. I will stretch my leg and my knee will crack. I will start jogging and my knees will crack. I can be sitting down and flexing my leg and they will just continually crack.It's probably a ligament going over or hitting a bone. But I like the satisfaction of a loud crack that comes from the knee; it's pretty cool.When my knees would crack it was the begining of osteoarthritis of the knees. My knees have been getting worse over a period of years and now are very bad. I suggest you go to the doctor and get a X-Ray so you know what you are looking at. If indeed it is arthritis, it will be helpful to know the things you can do to help protect your knees, because when they are gone, they are gone.There a certain fluid in your joints that when you make a certain movement, releases pressure, and creates bubbles that pop. usually, you can only crack a joint every thirty minutes, because the fluid has to to reform. My knees crack continuously due to a certain syndrome. If I lie down, and bend my legs back and forth, there is constant cracking, about every two seconds.

tiny gas bubbles get trapped between the bones

Not immeditly but if u do it all the time..... u will get artritis

no. some joints are immoveable

If you mean what keeps joints firm with bones and muscles....then it makes sense, there are no joints that help joints...Tissue connects bones to the joints which connects bones. almost as if you were to connect bricks by using cement. In this case, the tissue would be the cement...i hope this sorta hdelped ish

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