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ideaswill it open from the outside and not the inside if so then it's a child safety lock located on the door jam near the latch if not you could have any of the following broken lock, door latch or the latch is just stuck.
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Q: Why would your rear car door not open?
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How do you open rear door if window wont come down on 1990 ford bronco Eddie baurer?

A person a can open the rear door from the inside. Get into the car from another door that will open and open it from the there.

When a car is locked by remote or key why would the rear door still open?

Something is wrong with your rear door and it is not closing properly in the first place. Your door lock actuator is broken, it will need to be replaced.

How do you unjam a lock on an open rear door of a 1994 Suburban 2500?

replace the door or buy a new car.

What causes a Lincoln town car door not to open?

door lock actuator stuck,bad door latch if rear door has child saftey on a bad door entry handle.

Open car door into traffic?

Don't open your car door into traffic. Use the other door.

Who is at fault if a parked car opens its door a few inches and is hit by bicycle coming from rear?

The person in the car is to blame because the person riding the bicycle would have no way of telling when the car door would be open. the person in the car could have easily looked in the side mirrors and could have seen if someone riding a bicycle was passing by.Added; The traffic offense charge would be "Opening Door to Traffic."

How can you install a subwoofer in your rear door of your car?

You would firstly have to get a REALLY BIG door, as the sub will require the space for the bass.

How can you get out from a car?

open the car door with the handle

How do you open the rear window if the button does not work?

You buy a new motor for the window or open it using the switch beside the driver door (if it is a relitively new car).

How do you open a locked car door of a 2001 cavalier?

The key would be favorite.

What is rear door of a car?

the back dor

How do you get a car door open that wont open from the outside?

Go in from another door and open it from the inside.

Why does Car door open from the inside but not from the outside?

If you are talking about the rear door ,then the answer is that there is a small (child) safety pin at each door,you can see it very clear,just turn it to the other side. S.Benjamin

How do know which door is the right rear door?

As the name implies, it is the door which is on the right side of the car and the rear-most door, if there is more than one on that side.

What is the tire pressure for a citroen c3?

On my C3, there is a sticker on the inside of the passenger front door, visible only with the door open, if I remember rightly, it is 2.1 BAR front and rear for an empty car, and 2.1 BAR front and 2.5 BAR rear on a heavily loaded car

What is the definition of Civic Hatch?

A Civic is the model of the car and hatch is the type of car. A hatchback is just that the rear window and door open as one unit or as separate units.

Why will a car door not open from the outside?

AnswerBecause of the safety purposes, if a car door is opened from the outside then anyone can open the door and the passengers will have no safety and privacy.) Mona

Why does your car alarm sound when you open the door with the key?

Because the car alarm needs to be disarmed before you open the door. It's not connected to your door locks.

Dash lights and interior light on dimly until you open the car door and they go out shut the door and they come on again. what is the cause the car is a 2006 lacetti?

rear washer spills water. check it first.

Can you open your garage with your mobile phone?

Back in the day you would have to manually open your garage door, but now as technology is improving, you can actually open the garage door with a phone. You can also open your car doors and unlock your house door with the technology these days. Yes, you can open the garage door with a phone.

How do you enter a car?

open the door

How do you get cockroaches out of your car?

open the door

How do you get out of a car?

Open the door ?What is it you mean ?

Who should open the car door?


How do you get out of the car?

you open the door and step out