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Why would your speedometer stop working after 30 miles with lights on but not when off?


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2004-12-11 08:22:38
2004-12-11 08:22:38

If this is an electronic unit, the heat generated after the lights are on for one half hour, is affecting the intergrity of the electronic circuit board.


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On older vehicles, it would usually mean that the speedometer cable is broken or disconnected. On newer vehicles it would probably be a computer problem.

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If the speedometer and the odometer are not working, I would suspect the VSS (vehicle speed sensor). If only the speedometer is not working I would suspect the instrument cluster has problems.

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If the speedometer is not working but the odometer is, I would suspect the dash cluster is at fault. If both speedometer and odometer are not working I would suspect the speed sensor on the transmission is at fault.

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why would a speedometer stop working on a Mazda

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