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My van did this as well and turned out I just needed my tires biggie..and it went back to driving smoothly on the highway

Answeryou might just want to check to see and make sure the insides of your rims are clean too. snow or dirt that is caked on the inside of the rim will cause this. and by inside the rim i don't mean in the air chamber of the wheel, but just on the inner circle of a wheel. gl. AnswerIf none of the above work, look over every tire very carefully making sure you see no humps or bumps(goose eggs). You could have possibly broke a belt in the tire. SNM AnswerIf it snowed recently, and the problem did not exist before the snowstorm, there may be frozen snow/ice stuck to one or more wheels, causing imbalance. Take the care to a self-serve car wash and spray the wheels from underneath the car and in the wheel wells. BW

yes it could be ur tires but it could turn out to be balljoints and or tirod ends

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Q: Why would your vehicle vibrate at high speeds?
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What causes your vehicle to idle high and vibrate in park but when you are driving it is smooth?

I would look for a vacuum leak.

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the breake

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wheel balance is out.if it jerks alot at high speeds possibly a tire seperation.if those two possibilities check out then check the toe angle of the front suspension.

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broken belt in the tire, uneven wear

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