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use less weight or do less reps/sets

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Q: Why you can you not get up after you squat and what can you do to be able to get up easily after you squat?
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When you work out what is a box squat?

Box Squat is a variation of a squat where you sit on a box and squat back up.

Examples of squat variation?

Body weight squat, goblet squat, zombie squat, front squat, and back squat

Why do people squat?

people squat to build up the muscles on their legs, it also can help with your explosive- ness when jumping or running.

What is the average weight bench and squat for a college linebacker?

you should at least be able to bench body weight, and squat 1.5x body weight. Competitive players bench 2x body weight, and squat 3.5x. -EXSS major

How often should you do squats?

You should squat everyday! no pain no gain. go all the way down and up. i squat every day twice a day and squat 770 and weigh in at 178lb

Why does your dog squat when you go to pick her up?

maybe she doesn't want to be picked up

How do you stretch the knee?

Squat down as far as you can and stand back up.

How many muscles do squats work?

There are 3 main squat muscles: The upper distilic squat, the lower harbolio squat and the pingint squat. If you excersice these squats daily, they will form a very large and solid squat on your left kneecap. However there are some medical precautions. If your knee squat grows to be larger than your head, than you must contact your local physician. They will find you a doner for a matching right knee squat. It is scientifically impossible to build up your right knee squat located on the kneecap. For further information, contact Doctor Yû Skwat

What is an example of power in an exercise?

strength is being able to do work (apply force) power is being able to do it quickly for example a jumping squat.

How do u jump?

just squat down and get up really hard and fast.

How do you squat to pee?

You sit down, open your legs and squat

When was Squat elimia created?

Squat elimia was created in 1861.

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