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you need to practice hygiene because if you don't you will be dirty, stink, and you wont have any friends. hygiene is your cleanliness and the way you take care of yourself. you should always practice personal hygiene.

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Q: Why you must practice good personal hygiene?
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What is desirable qualities?

well groomed,good looking,must keep personal hygiene,good communication skill have good local knowledge

Can your personal hygiene affect you working in the uniformed public service?

Yes it does, personal hygiene is one of the main things they will look for because working in a public service you must represent them and with bad hygiene you dont set the right image.

Describe how to support an individual to develop and improve personal hygiene routines?

You must start by showing them the proper way to maintain personal hygiene. It is essential that you tell them when they are doing it right and why the technique is effective.

Why is it important the elderly have to maintain their personal hygiene?

They tend to have a lowered immune system so must keep a higher level of hygiene so as not to fall ill

What does the term hygiene mean?

its means that we have to a good sanitation and must be cleaned the the kitchen.

Why you must meet personal hygiene standards at work?

You must meet personal hygiene standards at work because it affects your reputation. What your colleagues and boss think of you at work is partly from the way you look and smell, so try to look your best in order to make a good impression. You can do this by: 1. Having a shower in the morning 2. Brush your teeth 3. Comb your hair 4. Have a reasonable lunch (sandwiches, not burgers) 5. Add deodorant

Different cultures have different hygiene practices what are they?

Lots of religions have personal hygiene requirements, eg. Sikhs must cover their heads, take off their shoes and wash before entering the temple to pray; followers of Shinto believe that personal cleanliness is vital - they must take baths, wash their hands and rinse their mouths often! :) xoxo

When was the last time you were good at something?

In order to be good at something, you must practice. It takes a lot of time and practice to have a good skill set.

What code of practice relates to your chosen industry?

Every industry has a code of practice that relates to it, such as insurance and health. A certain industry must be named in order to find its personal code of practice.

how many fleas would the harbormaster come in contact with in an average day week and month?

It seems to me that the answer must depend on the harbor's location and the master's standards of personal hygiene.

What 2 safety tips for personal hygiene to prevent microorganisms spreading from person to person?

you must not be wearing dirty clothes, always wash ur hands and stuff

Is it a law to give your children showers?

For personal hygiene , all children must be bathed somehow. As for party-type Showers it not only is NOT a law, good etiquette does not demand it. It is for you to decide, and if your child has the temerity to demand it, they certainly didn't deserve the kindness anyway.

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