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Why you posess a drivers license while driving?


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You must have your license with you to prove you are a licensed driver. Without it, you are not legally allowed to drive.


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For driving while her drivers license was suspended

Yes, except for novice drivers with an intermediate license.

Yes, you can carry a photocopy of your driving license while driving.

a driving license is the license to drive while a driver's license is a person who has the license to drive

89% of drivers use their cell phone while driving

No. you must have a valid licence on hand while driving. Cops WILL bust you for that.

No,but they must have insurance.You can not obtain insurance until you have a drivers license.The person who will be in the car with you who has a drivers license would be responsible for your actions while driving.

DWI, drug offense, intoxication manslaughter, intoxication assault, failure to stop and render aid, causing death or serious injuries to someone else while driving, anything punishable as a felony, overtaking and passing a school bus, boating while intoxicated, evading arrest, driving while license is invalid, altered/unlawful use of driver license, fake id, lending your drivers license, possessing more than one valid driver license, providing false or documents while applying for a drivers license,making, selling, or possessing fake driver license, graffiti, fake license plates registration certificate, or safety stickers, and fraudulent government records.

The letter W on a Louisiana license plate simply means that the person driving the vehicle has been arrested for drunk driving in the past. The W allows other drivers to be cautious while driving near the offender.

It would be advisable to obtain an International license while driving in Canada, but a valid driver's license from any country is valid at many car rental agencies in the country.

no but you can get arrested at the dmv.

I did not fail my drivers test the first time. If you are knowledgeable about your states driving laws and try to stay calm and cool while taking the test you should be fine.

No. When your license is suspended, so is your privilege to drive, period.

You would have to meet the criteria for reinstatement of your Indiana license, including any reinstatement fees, before you'd be eligible to have a license again. It may be possible that you could slip through the cracks and get a license in Kentucky if there's been any length of time since the suspension went into effect - however, if you were caught driving in Indiana while the suspension on your Indiana license is still active, it would be treated as you driving on a suspended license. This is because when a state suspends your license, they also suspend your driving privilege in that state, meaning you're prohibited from driving in that state on ANY license.

Driving While License Revoked

Hi, Yes a 17 year old person may get a license, but only L's which is where another license driver has to be in the car while the Learner is driving for at least 12 months.

You would need a international drivers liscense when driving in France. They can be obtained while you are in France.

To get a commercial drivers license, unfortunately for you, you must be 21 years old. It seems you have a while to wait, but maybe you can work on a career plan while you are waiting.

You must have a driver at least 21 years of age in sight at all times while you're driving.

If you've never held a driver's license in CA, it's an arrestable offense. If you have a DL but aren't holding it while you're driving, you can be issued a citation.

I was able to use my California drivers license to rent and drive a car while I was in Melbourne last November. :)

No, when you turn 16 you must be with an adult while driving. You may get your license 6 months after drivers ed.

Most laws are to punish you for driving while not licensed, not specifically for causing accident. That would be a separate issue.

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