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On the contrary, you should not kill yourself because of bullying or cyber-bullying. There are much better solutions to those problems. Your life still has value, and there is no reason to let the bullies win by destroying you. if you do feel like this it is ALWAYS best to tell someone else what you are thinking, ensuring of course it's an adult you tell. Nothing is EVER that bad in this life that cannot be sorted or worth taking your own life for, after all there is only one of you and you are special, you already have won the race to life, so don't throw that away, life is special and precious to us all.

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Q: Why you should kill yourself from Bullying or Cyber-Bullying?
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Why you should have to kill yourself from bullying?

No one has to. But there are some that cannot handle the stress of the bullying. If you are being bullied, please talk to an adult about the situation.

When a Victim Kills Themselves from Bullying or Cyber-Bullying can they Kill Themselves again in Heaven or Hell?

no you should all ready know that

Can bullying kill you?

yes it can kill you.

If someone anonymously send you a message saying kill yourself are you supposed to call the police for cyber bullying and felonie?

No it is completely legal. Freedom of opinion and speech are the law. Do not kill yourself though. But killing the person who sent it to you is legal under these circumstances.

Why would you want try to kill yourself from bullying?

because you can become so depressed that life seems worthless. Or, you could be feeling that live isn't what you expected.

What should you do if you're getting bullied?

first of all, you never should fight back. that could get you in big trouble. The best thing you can do is get an adult. If the bullying continues, get an adult again. repeating this will draw the bully awayno you should never kill yourself. tell someone you trust that you are getting bullied and they will help you sort it out.

When is the right time to kill yourself from bullying and cyberbullying?

There is never a right time to kill yourself from any kind of bullying. You must stand up against the bully and keep reporting them to the authorities where it is happening. You are better than any bully, you just need to accept this for yourself. Bullies have problems in their lives that cause them to behave the way they are. They may be being bullied themselves or having an abusive upbringing. There are many reasons for it. They need help and support, just as much as you do as the victim. Just make sure you tell others about what they are doing and never accept what the bully tells you. If you report what is happening then it will stop. Sometimes you just need to keep reporting it before people take better notice. Good luck with this and have a happy life once this awful phase has been sorted.

How can Cyber-Bullying make someone think of ending life if people are being mean to them?

Cyberbullying is like any other kind of bullying. The meanness and cruelty can bring about feelings of despair and worthless in the person being bullied. Some kinds of bullying can bring about fear. If the feelings become too great and the despair too deep, it can cause someone to think about ending their life. Some may even try to convince you that your life isn't worth it, or to kill yourself before they do. It may scare certain people, and some actually fall for it. Don't ever listen to someone telling you that stuff, you don't even know them!

What bullying can do to you?

Bullying can cause emotional distress, but bullying hurts bullies too, even though not as much as those who are bullied. If it gets to the point where you want to harm yourself you should go to a school counselor, the principal or another adult. But please DO NOT kill yourself! It will all end one day I PROMISE! You have your whole life ahead of you. Life is more than just today, and you should enjoy it while you have it! Don't let things (or people) get to you. There's a link below to a video interview with an expert on bullying who has learned what bullying does to the bullies--as well as what it does to those who are bullied.

How bad is the bullying at your school?

Yes bullying is bad because if you bully someone to much you can push them to the point of them wanting to kill them self.

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How many kids kill themselves bcause of bullying?

13 million