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Q: Why your BMW radio code is not working?
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How do you unlock radio code for 1994 BMW 318i?

I would like the radio code for my 94 BMW 318is thanks

What is the radio code for a BMW 535i?

there is no standard code. take the radio out and take it to the dealer to have them look up that radio's code.

How do you enter radio code BMW?

How do I get my BMW radio to work again!the radio has been locked up for about 2yrs! It's been waiting for code, now I have it now! How do get to work! How do I enter the code!

BMW compact radio reset code?


1996 BMW 740il How do you set the radio?

The radio comes with a code. Turn on the radio and input the code. Once you have finished putting in the code, the radio will begin to play.

Will your radio stop working when you change battery in your BMW 318i?

Yes, You will have to enter the radio code,this should be in the back of the operator's manuel. If you do not have.You will most likely have to go to the dealership.

How do you get radio code for 1992 BMW 325i?

You have to contact BMW consumer hotline and give them the vin#

How do you enter a radio code for a1994 BMW 325i?

To acquire the code you will have to contact a BMW dealership and provide them with your vin# and the numbers off the sticker on the back of your radio. To enter the code use the number buttons.

Can the anti-theft code be retrieved from a working VW passat radio?

Unfortunately the code can not be retrieved from a working radio. If you can not find the code you have to get the serial number of the radio and call the dealer for the code.

Have Code on radio after dead battery on 1993 BMW 325?

take your car to the BMW dealer they should know the code or you can take the radio out and see the serial number and call a BMW dealer and they can give the code over the phone it has 2 screws and it pops out

How do you enter a radio code for a BMW 318ti?

at no charge, the dealer can give it to you or do it

Entering radio code for 1991 BMW 3251?

Try 52115

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