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Ok Ill make it short and sweet<Thermostat not opening<Air pockets in coolant system<Insufficient coolant level<Bad water pump<Bad headgasket<Coolant fans not engaging(turning on the ac automatically engages the fans,at least unless you have a short bad relay,fuse,bad fan)

Ok before the car is up to operating temp remove the radiator cap and allow the car to run for a short period<Periodically squeeze upper and lower hoses<Can you see any air bubbling?If not wait and see if the thermostat opens....While it is running for a while see if air trapped in the sytem bubbles thru the coolant....If sufficient coolant is in the system and the thermostat opens it should start to overflow out the radiator..If so reinstall the radiator cap<When the thermostat opens the coolant temperature sensor should activate the coolant the fans turn on?If not check the cooling fan relay under the hood and the fuses...If you cant by any means engage the fans go to a junkyard and get the plug connector to the fans and as much slack on the wires as possible....You can then run the fans to either the headlights or foglamps..I personally cut off a plug from the foglamp and spliced it into the fans<Now my car is never above 1/2 temp...You can turn the fans off/on by pressing the foglamp switch!!!

While the car is running up to operating temperature squeeze both upper and lower radiator hoses, are the both warm/hot? They should be!!! if not then that means coolant is not being pumped where it should be!!!!

A head gasket test can be performed rather cheaply for about $20 avail @ autozone..Its kind of like a pH tester for a pool...Its a chemical test real easy 2 perform....You place it into the radiator cap and wait to see what color it changes..

Any questions the

2011-09-13 17:29:49
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Q: Why your Mazda 1993 mx6 over heat after you drive it for 10 miles?
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