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No they cant be fitted because of the wheel stud patteren.... If you can get a hold of 4, 1994 (m reg) hubs they fit straight on and your wheels will fit

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โˆ™ 2008-12-20 14:06:44
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Q: Will 16 inch clio sport wheels fit your 91 plate Renault 5 gt turbo?
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how do you remove a turbo from a 2005 Renault megane 1.9 dci

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Does the 1983 Renault 5 non turbo engine 1.4l have the same exhaust gasket as the turbo model?

No, it is different because the Renault 5 gt turbo was made for the exhaust fumes to run through the turbo creating boost. On a non turbo version the piping will be made simply to leave the engine directly out of the exhaust.

Is it possible to install 300zx non turbo wheels on a 300zx turbo?

Yes. Any wheels with the wheel lug pattern 5X114.3 will work on the 300ZX (Z32). The difference of the Twin turbo wheels from the non turbo wheels are the rear wheels being wider by 1/2 inch or so. Its barely any difference, but its enough to no let you rotate your rear tires to the front like the non turbo wheels will allow.\ For more info and details plea email me at Edit: The TT rear wheels are actually a full inch wider in the rear.

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What is the 0 to 60 of a Renault 5 turbo?

7.1 sec to 60

Rear differential on a 1988 Toyota supra?

it depends if its turbo or not and if the non turbo has the sport package turbo diffs where 3.73 LSD and non turbo where 4.30 same with the sport package but the sport package has LSD as well and all the MKIII differentials are 7.5 inches

What races did the Renault 5 turbo win?

The Renault 5 turbo built & designed by the French was controlled by Jean Ragnotti in the year 1981 to accomplish its first feat as a racing vehicle by winning the Monte Carlo Rally.

What does TSI mean?

turbo sport injected

What does st stand for on a car?

sport turbo

How do you change a turbo on a Renault Megane Scenic RX4 1.9 dci?

With a lighter and petrol

What is the tire pressure for a Renault 5 Campus?

Tyre pressures for all Renault 5's except the GT turbo are 29psi on the front and 32 on the rear

Where is the turbo actuator on an 02 mondeo tdci?

on the top of the turbo '02 plate will have a rubber hose connected to it

Does the dodge ram 1500 sport have a turbo?

No, not from the factory.

What is the difference between TDI engine and TSI engine?

1 is a turbo diesel and 1 is a turbo sport

Looking for 1985-renault turbo disel engine specifications torque specks?

your mother

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Where can i find a turbo kit for Renault clio 1.4?

u cant just add a turbo to any engine, you'd have to buy an engine that has a turbo as standard, normal enigines are strong enough to take a turbo useless u spend big £££ on it

Where can one purchase a new Renault 5 GT Turbo?

One can buy a new Renault 5 GT turbo by visiting their official website and placing an order. These engines are fairly expensive, so if you are planning to buy these make sure you find a deal that is affordable.

What does tsi stand for?

TSI means Turbo Sport Intercooled

What engine can you put in a Renault 5 campus?

Renault 5 1.1 carb 1.4 carb 1.4 GT turbo carb 1.7 carb Volvo 1.7 turbo Fuel Inj Clio 2.0 172 Fuel Inj 2.0 182 Fuel Inj

Is there a diesel engine that can be put into a 1989 Jeep Cherokee 4.0 L 6 cylinder?

2100cc Renault Turbo diesel.- 85cv 2500cc VM Turbo diesel.- 116cv

What are the car specs of the Renault Traffic?

The Renault Trafic was released on March 1, 2011. The price is $35,990. The Renault Trafic is a 2D van style, has a diesel turbo engine and has a 6SP manual transmission. The Renault Trafic runs on Diesel fuel and uses 8.3L/100km fuel consumption. The Renault Trafic has a 3 star rating.

How to set timeing on Citroen boxer hdi 2 2 turbo 03 plate?

You can set the timing on the Citroen boxer hdi 2 2 turbo 03 plate by using the clock dock.

Does a dci engine in a Renault laguna have a turbo?

Yes, its the bit with 'garrett' stamped on it, rear right (from the front) of the engine.