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Large dosages of ibuprofen thins the blood, making the body more likely to bruise.

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Q: Will 800Mg of ibuprofen taken 3 times daily cause facial bruising or splotching?
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Can you take 2 800Mg Ibuprofen?

No, it is unsafe to take two 800mg of ibuprofen. You should only take one 800mg of ibuprofen every for to six hours. You should not exceed 2400mg of ibuprofen in a 24 hour period.

Does ibuprofen 800mg contain acetaminophen?


Does ibuprofen 800MG contain caffeine?


What would happen if you snort 800mg ibuprofen?

what would happen if you sort 800mg ibuprofen?You waste your money. There is no "high" if that's what you were wondering.

Can you fell a drug for using Ibuprofen 800mg?


What pill has stamp i8 on it?

Ibuprofen 800mg

Can ibuprofen 800mg fail a drug test for THC?


Does Ibuprofen 800mg contain aspirin?

No its does not have asprin it has tynol

Is ibuprofen 800mg like a Lortab?

No. They are not the same at all

What is maximum strength of ibuprofen you can take at a time?


Can you snort Ibuprofen 800mg?

It can be crushed up and snorted, but it is not recommended. There is no benefit of snorting Ibuprofen 800mg; it does not get you high and it does not "enhance" the "feeling" of ibuprofen (not that there is one in the first place). Also, it will burn the inside of your nostrils and may cause bleeding.

Can an adult take an 800mg ibuprofen and Claritin 10mg?


What are the side effects of snorting 800mg ibuprofen?

stinging nostrils?

Ibuprofen to stop period?

yes! 800mg for 4-6 hours.

Is it safe to drink alcohol after taking ibuprofen 800mg?

I would imagine..

Can taking an 800mg Ibuprofen twice a week harm a 65 year old?


What do you use when you broke your leg?

Usually, ice, immobilization, ibuprofen 800mg or equivalent, and elevation.

Can you purchase 800mg of ibuprofen over the counter?

i dont know if you can in america, but i just did in mexico

How it is true when you take a 800mg of ibuprofen can cause miscarriage resulting to abortions?

It's not true.

Can you take 2 advil then three hours later take 800mg ibuprofen?

No you cannot, advil and ibuprofen are the same thing,that would be an overdose!!!!

Can you take meclizine 25 mg and ibuprofen together?

Yes. According to Planned Parenthood, 25 mg of Meclizine can be taken with 800mg of Ibuprofen.

I have prescriptions for naproxen 500mg tab tev and ibuprofen 800mg with is better for shoulder pain and inflammation?

ibuprofen is best for pain relief and to decrease inflamation.

Will taking 4 ibuprofen kill you if they are the 400 mg tabs?

No...The maximum daily dosage for prescription strength Ibuprofen (400, 600, or 800mg) is 3200mg.

How many ibuprofen 800mg are equal to a Tylenol 3?

apples and oranges. they work in different ways.

What would happen to me if I took 24mg of melatonin and 800mg of ibuprofen?

You would get a headache and an upset stomach.