Will Bar's Leak Head Gasket Repair fix a blown head gasket in a 1997 Saturn SL?

== == * If water is going out the exhaust, it might. If the radiator is being pressurized, it will not.

* But Bar's Leak does not work!! It will further mess your problem up more. It is better to use a chemical called Thermaweld. (Note that Thermaweld's first Google result is about it being a rip off, and Bar's Leak makes more than one product. Some are for radiators and some are for head gaskets, and one is for cracked heads.)

There are two kinds on their website. One that can be used while coolant is still in the vehicle (Head Gasket Fix), and one that requires all coolant to be drained before it is used (Head Gasket Repair). One may work better than the other.

* No, it may plug the heater core. == == == ==