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As long as the screen is capable of and set for 1920X1080 (thats the size of 1080p HD) or higher

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2011-10-24 14:40:12
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A liquid display crystal monitor is also known as a crt monitor

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Q: Will HD movies appear in HD on a standard laptop monitor?
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The Stars Wars trilogy is in the standard resolution for movies. There are video games and TV shows that are based on this famous movie trilogy, which is based on being in a far away galaxy.

How do I give movies that I downloaded on my laptop to my friend's laptop?

Downloading movies is Piracy. That's illegal.

How do you get movies on your laptop?

Will this Laptop play instant movies from NetFlicks?

Yes, this laptop has the ability to play instant movies but you are required to have an internet connection to access the movies.

Can you use a monitor to watch movies from DVD player?

yes you can absolutely use a monitor to watch movies from a DVD player.

What kind of laptop would be ideal for watching movies?

Any laptop with a widescreen would be perfect for sitting down and watching movies!

How do you input movies in ipod touch from laptop?

Use iTunes to sync with laptop

Which projector can play my movies from my laptop?

All projectors can play movies from your laptop, but for the best results get a projector with a quick color wheel to avoid the rainbow effect.

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This, Im sure, is only one of the ways but my laptop came standard with a simple program called Movie Maker, which allows you to do what you wish to accomplish.

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The Star Wars trilogy is a popular movie series. It had groundbreaking special effects, and there are TV shows and video games based on the trilogy. The movie is the standard resolution for movies.

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