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Hmm i thin it may come June 2013 you knwo to mkae new worlds stuff item new faction stuff and the rest i think they whil put in:LEGO Batman,LEGO Njinjago Year of snake,LEGO Dino.

im surely think it whil come back June this year or June next year.

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โˆ™ 2012-02-14 20:05:22
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Q: Will Lego universe come BACK in June?
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Will LEGO universe return in 2013?

Sadly, Lego Universe wont return in 2013 but it will come back around 2015 or 2016.

Will LEGO Universe Ever Be back?

Maybe. Lego Universe did stop, but the LEGO company says that in late 2014-early 2015 they might come back with Lego Universe 2, with more new features as well as the old ones. Ok, scratch that. We really have no idea when they will come out with LEGO Universe 2, but what we do know is that LEGO isn't giving up on doing tech stuff. So... look forward to more Lego videogames! -_- still waiting for Lego Universe 2 though (sigh) As of now (June 8 2015), there is a game called "Lego Worlds" that is very very similar to LEGO Universe, but it is more of a sandbox/exploration game than an rp/adventure game.

Is Lego universe reopening?

Maybe but mostly no );. Lets hope it will probaly come back.

When will LEGO Universe 2 come out?

well sevral people said there will be a LEGO Universe 2 and it will come out in 2013

When is Lego universe going to come out?

It is out.

Will LEGO universe come back?

People say no. But rumors say it may come back in a long time. And they might call it LEGO Universe II. So be patient. A new game like it might come out or the LU II. (Hope Lu does. :D)

Will Lego universe ever come back?

hahah..NO star wars the old republic is better

When does the levels for Lego universe come out?

They are already out.

When will Lego universe come back?

im sorry to say this but it will never ever ever ever come back ): lets just hope im not right

When does LEGO univerce come out?

Lego universe is already out! Join now for free at their website.

Will LEGO Universe return in Summer 2012?

I've heard that it will come back either June 1, June 22, Sometimes in July, and maybe August 15. I hope it does, and the Servers better be reopened, and all Data Files Revived.

When does Lego universe online come out?

seccond half of 2010.

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