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LEGO Universe is a massively multiplayer online game released in October 2010.

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LEGO Universe

What is the Lego universe code to play the game?

You have to buy the game to get a code for playing it. Unfortunately, Lego Universe has been shut down so there is no way of playing it any more.

LEGO Universe

What happens if Lego Universe game time runs out?

I know the answer from personal experience. When you log in normally, it would take you to your character page. If your game time has run out, when you login, it will say, "Sorry! You are out of Lego Universe game time. Please visit the LEGO site." Or something like that. Then you go to the Lego universe website, (see related link below) and at the bottom of the page, it will say "subscription". Click on it, login with your Lego ID, and you can buy more game time.

LEGO Universe

How do you buy a property in LEGO universe?

Make lots of money, and collect lots of items from around the island (by destroying objects). Make sure you complete missions in order to gain land to build your property.

LEGO Universe

Why does lego universe say lego universe client is not responding?

Because if you're in a 'client', the game starts out in fullscreen.

LEGO Universe

Can you go in nimbus station in Lego universe free version?

No, you cannot go to Nimbus Station without becoming a paid member.

LEGO Universe

How do you activate LEGO Universe?

You use your Lego ID and password.

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LEGO Universe

Does Lego universe give your computer viruses?

no it does not

LEGO Universe

How do you get a malstorm hammer Lego universe?

First, you go to The Great Tree in Forbidden Valley. Then, you accept all the missions there, and one of them will be to collect 4 pieces. You just travel around Forbidden Valley and smash all of the gongs and collect all of the pieces.

LEGO Universe

How many factions in Lego universe can you join at once?

I think you only be in 1 Faction at once.

LEGO Universe

How do you get to frostburg in Lego universe?

As far as I know, head to Nimbus Station and go to the Nimbus isle property pad. Rather than the pad showing nimbus isle as the destination, it will be Frostburg.

LEGO Universe

How do you play Ninjago on Lego universe?

First of all become a member (not a free account), then see the Ninja in Advent Gardens.

LEGO Universe

How do you to get to pet cove in Lego universe?

Find the Launch Pad in Nimbus station by the assembly wizard guy in Nimbus station and use your Rocket on it.

LEGO Universe

How do you get the dino in a pack on lego universe?

You can't get it in a pack.

LEGO Universe

Do you have to be a member to play Lego Ninjago on Lego universe?

Yes, you have to be a member to access Ninjago items/worlds etc.

LEGO Universe

Where is the Recurter in nimbus station on Lego universe?

Visit Nexus Jay in Nimbus Station.

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LEGO Universe

Where to find Sensei Wu on Lego universe?

Keep looking - you'll find him one day. Keep and eye out on the Lego message board for future events where he might come.

LEGO Universe

What is the membership code for lego universe?

You have to buy it.

LEGO Universe

How do you get to the queen spider in Lego universe?

you just read the directions!

LEGO Universe

How do you get tokens in Lego universe?

Grinding is the most common solution. What this means, is you simply kill enemies over and over again, hoping they will drop tokens. Brig rock in Gnarled forest is one of the best places for this, just try to avoid anyone else doing this. You can also get tokens from completing the treasure chest missions from Johnny Thunder, and the daily missions from your Faction Rep. One other way is to play racing and shooting gallery minigames.

LEGO Universe

How do you get a lion pet in Lego universe?

You have to tame all the other pets, 24 I think. Then, you have to go to Gnarled Forest to get one.

LEGO Universe

How many Harry Potter LEGO sets are there?

There are about 55 Lego Harry Potter sets in total.

LEGO Universe

What is a universe?

The word universe meaning all (or all as one(uni=1)) is everything around us. Impossibly big to imagine, this is all the galaxies and planets and stars ever catalogued and more.

Some people believe their are others but these ideas are bleak and uncertain. Light itself is slow comparative to its massive area so stars in just our galaxy (of which there are trillions (1,000,000,000,000s) of in the universe) are measured in distance away in light years (how far light travels in a year). A light year itself is 5 Exametres (5 quadrillion kilometres).

Might you ask me how i know this then i have no idea i am only 12.

LEGO Universe

How do you finish Lego universe campaign?

There is no campaign. It is an MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online).

LEGO Universe

Where to find nexus jay in Lego universe?

you will find nexus jay in nimbus station

LEGO Universe

How do you delete your Lego universe account?

Just delete all your characters on the character selection screen (right after you log in).


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