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Will a 17 inch wrangler rim fit a 97 cj wrangler?

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The 97 is a TJ, but yes, a 17 inch rim will fit as long as the bolt pattern is 5x4.5

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Can you put regular tires on 17 inch rims?

Not sure what you mean by regular tires, but a 17 inch tire will fit a 17 inch rim.Not sure what you mean by regular tires, but a 17 inch tire will fit a 17 inch rim.

Will a 17 tire fit a 16 rim?

NO. The tire is an inch bigger around than the rim....

Will 16 inch dodge rims fit on a 2006 dodge that had 20 inch wheels?

No. The dish of the rim will not fit over the brake calipers The smallest rim that will fit a 2006 Ram is a 17 inch wheel.

Can 16 inch tires fit on a 17 inch rim?

dont be stupid, of course they cant

Can you fit a 20 inch rim on a 17 inch tire?

You can not mix different size tires and rims. The tire has to be the same size as the rim.

Does a 16 inch rim fit in a 35 inch tire?

It depends on the tire. It could be made for a 15, 16, 17, etc size rim.

Will a 17 inch rim fit on your 1991 Honda prelude?

yes it will fit but check for the offset and width

What is the difference between 17 and 16 inch tires?

17 inch diameter rim versus 16 inch diameter rim

What is the smallest rim that will fit on your 2012 Ram 1500?

17 inch diameter to clear the front calipers.

Is there a 16 inch x 10.5 inch rim that will fit a 31 inch tire on a 2003 jeep wrangler x?

I've never seen a 16x10.5" rim with a 5 on 4.5" Jeep bolt pattern. You can easily get 16x8 and 16x10. The American Racing Torq-Thrust M come in a 10.5 wide but 17" diameter. Most 31" tires are 31x10.5-16. A 10.5 inch wide tire will not fit on a 10" wide rim, they will fit a 7"-9" rim. I had American Racing Outlaw II wheels in 15x8" with BF Goodrich 31x10.5-R15 sized All Terrains on my Wrangler before I lifted it. That's about as big as you can get on a stock Jeep. Great wheel and tire combo for a stock Jeep. You can get both in a 16" wheel diameter as well. I went with 17" rims when I lifted it.

Will 16 inch tires and rims fit on a 2006 Chevy that has 17 inch tires and rims?

Yes, they will fit as long as the lug pattern is the same. For example; if the lug pattern on the 2006 17" rim is 5x135 and the other lug pattern on the other 16" rim is 5x135 then they will fit. I just used does numbers of my head to give you an idea.

Will zxr 750 swing arm fit gpx 750?

maby , but i know that the swingarm the shock absorber rim of a zzr1100c fit in the gpx , also the rim of a zzr600E so its a modification from 18 inch wheel 140 to 17 inch 160. then you can put a 180 tire on the gpx , but then because of the different rear rim you need to change also the front tire from 16 to 17 inch .. a gpz 500E rim fits in perfectly...hope that i could help you

Can 17 inch rims fit on 16 inch wheels?

No, 17 inch rims can not fit on 16 inch wheels.

Difference between 16 inch rims and 17 inch rims?

That would be a 1 inch difference. 16 inch is shorter then a 17 inch rim.

What do you have to do if you put 17 inch tires on a 1997 Ford f150 with 16 inch tires?

Get 17 inch rims you cant put a 17 inch tires on a 16 inch rim!

Will 16 inch wheels fit on your 2004 4x4 Dodge truck?

No, the brake calipers are too large, the smallest rim size is 17"

Will 17 inch wheels fit 07 corolla?

Yes. As long as you make the tires lower profile to make up for the rim increase

How heavy is a 17 inch rim?

Depends if it is steel or aluminum.

Will 17 2009 wrangler wheels fit a 2001 Cherokee?

Will not fit. Can use Wrangler up to 2006 only. 5x4.5 bolt pattern

What car wheel will fit your 2006 mercury montego?

Any 17 inch rim with a 5x114.3 bolt pattern. You could probably use 18 inch rims but the stock rims for a 2006 montego are 17 inch but no matter which size you get, they must have a 5x114.3 bolt pattern.

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