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Will the transmission from a 1985 Chevy Celebrity fit a 1991 Buick LeSabre

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Q: Will a 1985 Chevy Celebrity transmission fit a 1991 Buick LeSabre?
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Would a THM440 auto transmission from a 1987 Chevy Celebrity Wagon fit a 1989 Buick Regal Ltd with a THM440 transmission without any alterations?

Yes, it should bolt up.

Where is the modulator valve on a 1989 Chevy Celebrity?

on the side of the transmission

Why is a 85 Chevy Celebrity not moving forward in drive?

Transmission Issues. Have it towedto a transmission shop and get it fixed.

Were do you put oil in transmission of a 1986 Chevy Celebrity?

The transmission oil goes in thru the dipstick tube.

Where is the transmission fluid dipstick on a Chevy Celebrity?

Generally the transmission dipstick is on the backside of the engine near the firewall.

Is a 1995 Chevy Malibu transmission compatible with 2005 Buick century?

probably not

How much does a Chevy Celebrity transmission weigh?

To answer your question I would need to know the year of your Celebrity as well as which one of the four transmissions it has.

Is a Chevy Celebrity 2.8 and a Chevy lumina 3.1 transmission comparable?

If they are both 3- or 4-speed automatics, then yes

What is the cross reference for an 1986 Chevrolet Celebrity car?

The Chevy Celebrity is an "A" body car. Other "A" body cars included Pontiac 6000, Buick Century and Oldsmobile Calais. The fore runner for "A" body cars was the Chevy Citation.

Where is the transmission fluid cap in a 88 Chevy Celebrity?

Transmission fluid doesn't have a cap. It's added with a small funnel to the dipstick tube.

1987 Chevy Celebrity wire on transmission?

The square connector on the front of the transaxle is for the locking torque converter.

Can you use a th400 transmission on a 76 Chevy camaro?

Sure, preferably a short tail TH 400 with the Chevy/Buick bolt pattern.