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It would have to be a 30 amp breaker to use the full power of the welder. I'd say go with the 30A. The general rule is that your planned load should only be 80% of the circuit capacity. That means a 30A circuit should have a maximum load of of (30*0.8) = 24A. With the 30 amp breaker you must have at least #10 wires feeding the circuit.

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Q: Will a 20A 240V breaker be sufficient for a 240V 22A input welder or do you need to go to a 30A?
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If you have a breaker that has a 120240v and your dryer has a 240v plug can you change the receptacle to a 240v?

if i have a breaker that has a 120/240v and my dryer has a 240v plug can i change the receptacle to a 240v

How do you safely connect to a 240V pullout fuse box used for pool equipment located in a detached garage as a temporary power source for a 240V millermatic 250 mig welder?

The voltage is correct, BUT, Your welder is going to draw more current than the pool pump did. The breaker, wiring, and the receptacle will have to be upgraded. In my opinion I have never seen a "temporary" connection!! ...pkazsr

Can I run a double 30 amp breaker with 10-3 wire to receptacle for 240v MIG welder. Distance from main box to destination is 60 feet.?


Can you wire a 12 2 wire to a 20A 240V circuit breaker to get a 240V for an electric heater?


What size amp circuit breaker should be used for 240V 7000KW?

For a 7000watts or 7kw a 240V then it is 30 Amp

Size wire for running 240v 130 amps mig welder?

5 mm

Can you install a 240v outlet for a stick welder near your panel if it has slots available for a circuit breaker?

Simple answer is yes. But you need to first determine if your breaker can handle it, not just because you have an empty slot. You have to total up amps being used and check rating for your box. If it can handle it then it is a sinch to install

Will a 240v 3 phase welder run better than 240v 1 phase?

Yes, because you will be able to maintain current flow between phases.

If you install a 30A 240V GFI breaker will this be ok or will the cycles the dryer has prematurely fail the breaker?

I suspect you mean GFIC breaker. The dryer will not cause the breaker to fail.

How can you plug 2000 watts 240v into a 120v 20 amp breaker with out replacing your breaker and all the plugs on the line?

You can't.

If you have a 240V 22A welder which has a plug similar but smaller than a dryer plug can you use this in a 120V outlet?


What size wire do you use to install a 30A breaker for a 240V receptacle for use with a 240V air conditioner?

10/3 with ground NM.

Is it safe to use a 120v input battery charger on 240v?


How many watts can a 30 amp breaker support?

At 240V it can support 7200W

How much voltage should be in 2pole circuit breaker?

In America, a 2-pole breaker is controlling 240V. 120V per leg.

Would a 30A 240V circuit breaker be too large to safely support a either a 20A or 23A 240V bandsaw?

Yes it will operate it fine.

What size and breaker for a 20hp 240v 3phase motor?

Assuming a power factor of 0.85, at 240V 3 phase, 15KW load would draw a full load of 42.5 Amps. 50 Amp rating breaker will be suitable.

What size wire do you use to install a 30A breaker for a 240V heater?

10 AWG.

How do you wire a 15 amp breaker for 240v?

A single pole 15 amp breaker can only be setup for 120v. You need a double pole 15 amp breaker, which looks like two 15a breakers attached with a bar across the two actuators. Each leg provides 120v, or in the case of your breaker, 240v across the two legs.

If you have a spa that is 240V with 4 wires can you hook an extension cord from a 240V welder to it to see if it works if the cord only has three wires?

Well, maybe. What is the current rating on the spa circuit? What is the current rating on the welder? If the welder is larger than the outlet, then no. It must be the other way around. If the current ratings are OK, then yes. Your welder doesn't need 110V so it doesn't connext to neutral. Connect the hot leads to hot and ground to ground.

How many amps are on a double pole 30 amp circuit breaker?

The 30 A breaker you seem to be describing is a 240V breaker. There should be two black wires or perhaps a black and red wire connected to the two screws on the breaker. So the breaker would trip if more than 30A was demanded by the load with 240V across the load. What you have connected to the breaker should be sized such that the total current is no more than 80% of the 30 A.

How do you change a double pole 240v breaker to a single pole 120v breaker to allow a regular 120v receptacle to work?

See Discussion Page

Can you use 12-2 wire to wire 9 lights that are 240V on a 30A breaker?


What size breaker for 240V plug dryer?

30 amp using AWG #10 wire.

What size breaker should be used for a dryer in Canada?

Two pole (for 240V), 30A typical.