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Will a 350 torque converter fit a 400 turbo transmission?


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If you're talking about a TH400 transmission, yes... the TH350 torque converter is one inch smaller in diameter than the TH400 torque converter (12" vs 13"), and you'll have to make sure the holes on the flexplate line up (or drill them for both patterns). You'll get a bit more stall out of the 350 converter. If you're talking about the 700R4, the answer is going to be no.... that uses a lockup converter, which will not interchange with the TH converter.


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yes a 350 turbo converter will fit a 400 turbo and vice versa

with torque converter and no transfer case (2wd) about 125 lbs.

No it will not. Because it is a lock-up converter and the 350 turbo is not set up for a lock-up converter.

remove the transmission and torque converter. Remove the bolts from the pump (front of transmission case) and remove the pump.

not necessarily. depends on what it was made to do.

Everything I've heard, no they will not...

I have an 81 with a 350 and I'm pretty sure from empty it takes 10 and 1/2 quarts.

The TOTAL capacity of a Turbo 350 is around 9.3 quarts, this is including the converter.

If the bolts are 3/8-16, the torque would be 50 ft/lbs. If 7/16, 65 ft/lbs.

what transmission is in it?? turbo 350??? My 82 firebird has roughly the same size torque converter and should hold around 4 liters. make sure you flip the torque converter on its side after you put some in so it drains into the sides of the converter, put another liter in and do the same. if you have any other questions email me at

Answer12 including the torque converter.

Turbo 350 takes 10-11quarts of fluid, variation depends on the converter size.

A turbo 350 has only 3 gears. The 700R4 has 3 gears plus over drive and lock-up converter. And it is the same as a 400 turbo with overdrive.

A 350 or 400 torque converter will not work on a Powerglide transmission due to differences in design. All are somewhat similar but come in different sizes and connections.

"Turbo 350" is a slang expression for General Motor's Turbohydramatic 350 automatic transmission. It is a 3-speed fully automatic transmission originally intended for use with engines that produced up to approximately 350 pound-feet of torque.

The convertor from one 350 turbo will fit on another 350 turbo, if that's what you're asking. And you'll usually have to wiggle it around a bit to get the tangs to line up.

I just received a 350 turbo 6" tailshaft, Shipping weight was 130 lbs. That's with no fluid or converter.

Remove the driveshaft from the back of your Chevy transmission. Remove the transmission mount retaining bolts. Remove the retaining bolts from the Bell housing. The transmission can then slide backwards. Don't forget to unbolt the torque converter from the flex-plate and remove the torque converter with the transmission.

It is between the back of the engine and the front of the transmission. You must remove the transmission to get to it. NO other way.

Sorry but it will not I have tried. The 400 is too wide and it won't bolt up correctly when the transmission is installed.

According to my haynes Gm manual... 120 inch pounds.

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