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NO, The 1996 must have the 96 model 4L60E PUT BACK IN IT.

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โˆ™ 2011-02-28 20:17:47
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Q: Will a 88 4x4 Chevy truck transmission interchange with a 96 4x4 Chevy Tahoe?
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Will a 2001 Chevy truck transmission interchange with a 1994 Chevy truck transmissin?

NO it will not. Reason is that in late 1999 Chevy REDESIGNED all the engines and transmissions. Nothing from late 1999 will interchange with anything from 1999 and down.

Will a 1994 4x4 Chevy truck transmission interchange with a 1994 Chevy van?

Only if the van is a 4x4 too.

Will a transmission from a 1994 Chevy truck work in a 1997 Chevy truck?

NO the computer system on those 2 years are different ( Transmissions ) Won't interchange.

What year automatic transmission will interchange with 1995 Chevy 2 dr Tahoe 4x 4 with 350 engine with 4 speed automatic?

The only one that will WORK is a 4L60E transmission because of the computer system in the truck. From 1993 to 1999 will interchange as long as it is a 4x4 transmission. Hear is the 2 years that WON'T WORK. 1996 and 1997.

Will the 4L60E transmission in a 1993 Chevy truck fit in a 1996?

No it will not. The only transmission that will WORK in the 96 IS A 1996 MODEL. NO other years will interchange.

Will a Chevy 84 truck transmission interchange with a 88 Chevy truck?

The 1984 700R4 will interchange with a 1988 700R4. The lock-up harness would have to be modified, changed or have a hydraulic lock-up kit installed. An easy fix would be to put the harness and swithes from the 1988 transmission into the 1984 transmission. The 1984 transmission is a weaker design but a working transmission will get you going.

Is a 1990 4x4 Chevy truck transmission interchangeable with a 1997 4x4 Chevy Tahoe?

NO. They are all together different. You must put the 4L60E transmission BACK in the 1997.

Is a 1997 Tahoe transmission compatible with a 1999 crew cab truck transmission?

NO. The bell housing is DIFFERENT. The 1996 and 1997 4L60E / 4L80E transmissions will not interchange with anything else.

What year manual 2.5 V6 transmissions will interchange with a 1993 Chevy s10?

I have a 1993 Chevy S-10 Pick up truck, with a 2.5 V6 motor and 5 speed manual transmission.. I need to know what years will interchange with the transmission

What is a sentence with the word interchange?

Parts from a Chevy truck will not interchange with a Ford trucks parts.

Can you use 1988 Chevy truck parts on your 1991 Chevy truck?

YES. Almost everything will interchange.

Will 5 lug Chevy car rims fit 5 lug Chevy truck?

NO, Chevy car and truck rims will not interchange.

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